Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year! Another Blog Site!


My my, it's been 2 good years of not posting anything here on the blab blog - Happy New Year! I have been away mostly because of adulting and because I needed to figure out certain things in life - serves me a few more posts. I write for the sake of getting my thoughts out there or sometimes to take a break from all the cyclic narratives, perhaps I have just been keeping it all within me these past few months.  Time to up the writing game again I believe.

I hope, as very few of you who pass by here got the best couple of days of the New Year! I just wanted to dust this off as there were a few comments. By the way, I am rearranging certain posts in my site. I am actually posting more of my travel stories in as I want to have a niche on those things. If you have time, you can check 2 of my "current" posts there. I have been procrastinating but maybe I can move back and forth from here - for personal thoughts and rants and there there for travel posts. 

Have a great 2018!
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Monday, August 24, 2015

Understanding KPop Fans

Curiosity has always been one of the things that keep me awake at night. The quest of finding out reasons why people get drawn to certain hobby, person, people, place, groups, genres or anything that consume someone’s affection and attention has always worked my brain double time. I guess this could be associated to why I even continued my degree in Sociology in the first place when I had a chance to study Architecture (I am not great at drawing, just know a thing or two about art haha).

You may be wondering why I started with that little back story, well I got hooked on a few Korean TV Series way back and I spent countless hours waiting for the videos to load to watch them completely. I know some of my friends were hooked on Korean Pop Music (KPop) as well and they spent hours on their fandoms. I got curious as to why a lot of people get addicted on that type of music and I know they get judged on that completely. TV series I would understand a little because there are sub titles and the story is there but KPop? People spend hours understanding the lyrics, memorizing them, going crazy with new songs or pictures and I needed to understand it a little bit, before I conclude.

I don’t like to judge that quickly, I have my fair share of being a fan myself and in my quest for understanding their own reasons I tapped a few friends who are in certain fandoms for this survey. I know this has been long overdue (almost a year overdue, I am sorry guys I got caught up with work and stopped writing altogether).

For those who are still confused why these people are so hooked on Korean Pop (KPop), please don’t judge them, rather understand why they love it. Let me help you a little on that with these statistics. Here’s what I have found out.

Age Group Respondents

Most of those who answered aged ranging from younger than 17 to around 39 years old. Top age range respondents were between 18 – 20 and second was the 21 – 29 age group. This in itself shows that different age groups enjoy the same kind of music, KPop is not just for the teens.

What is surprising though from the number of respondents, almost 95% were females and only 4 male responded to this. I wonder why it is. Care to share boys?

Educational Attainment of Respondents

As predicted, with different age group comes varying educational attainment, the highest was Bachelor’s degree which shows that the fans are already exposed to different theories, concepts and matters of life, striking was there are 4 respondents who are graduate degree holders. For those who say that they do not know a lot about things, this would probably put clarity.

The respondents started liking KPop as early as 8 years ago and to have enjoyed that kind of music this long would mean that it is something special and paramount to their happiness even self-gratification.

Reasons Why They Started Liking KPop

I wanted to dwell more on their reasons, the main thing why I actually created this survey. The top answer was, “The songs are catchy/are beautiful”. People (the non-believers) might wonder why these fans even love this type of music despite the fact that it is in a different language.

Let me tell you why it is for me, music is universal. In different forms, languages or beats it is universal. It conveys different raw emotions through rhythm, flow, words (we may not understand) and its interpretation. Perhaps this is one thing that we need to have on top of our minds when we ask why people love this music even though they do not truly understand the words in it.

How they Support their Idols/Fandoms

There are different ways these fans support their fandoms/idols, they spend tons of money, even averaging to Php 20,000 for this. Some go to other countries to watch their concerts, buy merchandise such as CDs, posters, magazines and even staying up all night to watch videos, read interviews, and interact with fellow fans.

Based on the comments I asked them to give about certain impressions, even judgments from other people, it is safe to say this: Some of you have hobbies that go beyond those things just to get that thrill or happiness, for these KPop fans it is the same.

I love traveling and I spend tons of time researching on where to go next. I save money for it and spend it on where I wanted to go that year/month. I love watching movies and whenever there is a new one I make sure I catch it on cinemas which also involves money, time and effort. You do that too, you may even have more hobbies far expensive than mine and theirs but at the end of it all, it make us happy.

For those who disapprove of some of the things these KPop fans do, I hope I have enlightened you a little. I know I have been. They join fandoms to belong perhaps you could associate it to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - the third one - Love and Belonging as well as to express with people on the same wavelength whatever they wanted to express that some of us may not fully understand. They love the music because actually who doesn’t? We just vary in taste. Music is universal and our understanding should widen as big as the universe.

Enjoy your fandoms guys. This much I owe to you all. I tried to write more but it's becoming a full blown research not a blog post. haha. Thank you for responding to my survey.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Maine Mendoza

(c) @mainedcm

I am having a lazy Sunday, which sometimes become a rare commodity. Lazing around, I decided to look through tweets about Maine Mendoza, mentions, her twitter handle, who she follows, what other people say about her, etc. I am no stalker don’t worry, haha I spend my idle time reading, listening to music, writing or sometimes taking photos but I just got curious about her.

I’ve been hooked, like everyone else, on Aldub (thus this wee hours of the morning random blog post But like what Randy David has written on his Inquirer article, I wanted to have a Sociological take on this Phenomenon but I put it aside since the expert already wrote it. He’s an expert, I just took 4 years of Sociology as my degree but never really practiced so I have justification on why I get drawn to her, to Alden, on Aldub. Yes, may expert opinion, safe tayo. Haha.  To sway away from it and break it down, I’d write what draws people to Maine Mendoza instead.

Anyway, I came across the Maine Mendoza Official Fans Club (twitter: and FB their tweet about how people can join their group, they/we should tell them why WeLove MaineMendoza. Guys, I write (blab) a lot so I may have to utilize my blogsite for the reasons 140 characters cannot allow me to express.

You see I’ve only been active on 2 major clubs. Team PI (defunct haha but I love them to death) for Camile Velasco – the people I have met there are now considered my long time real friends. If you do not know Camile (Koy to us) she was the 9th placer on American Idol season 3. The other one is for Anne CurtisfANNEtastic fANNEatics. I am a true blue Anne Curtis fan down to the core until now so believe me when I say, it’s the person not the network that draws me to appreciate and love what they do.

So what draws me to Maine Mendoza and why we love her? Some reasons are similar to those two people I mentioned that I came to appreciate and idolize. Here are my top 5, which probably summarizes what everyone sees.

  • Raw Talent – some say dubsmashing is not much of a talent as most people can do it. Yes, I have read comments about Maine regarding, but I kept my mouth shut. Let us not waste our emotions toward negativity. Anyway, dubsmashing takes precision, concentration and talent. Without these 3, Maine will not be able to pull off that viral video on point. That’s raw talent for me and she has it. We appreciate rawness and see it blossom to what it truly is. That's what I see in her.

  • Passion to the Craft – as I have read on articles, heard interviews, Maine’s secret ultimate dream is to be an artist. If she does not have passion for this craft, she will always look awkward on those dubsmash videos. Compare other dubsmashes to hers, they do it for the fun of it or for the sake of doing it or having one to upload, she on the other hand does it with passion with a dash of craziness we all come to love.

  • Sincerity and Being True – you can see on her face the sincere appreciation of everything that she has been or being blessed with. Being true in a sense that despite her status in life (social stratification hint tayo haha), it doesn’t stop her from pulling those crazy scenes that others with same stature would feel awkward to. Not all people born with Silver spoon (oh sige baka iclaim niya na bronze lang), will have that comfort of doing what she does. I know you guys know what I mean. It's that what you see is what you get vibes that you get whenever.

  • Charisma – let’s face it, she is beautiful. Even more when made up, even more when she smiles like most people claim. But when simplicity comes into play, she oozes with charisma even more which fascinates a lot of people. I would have to assume that she has people drawn to her from all walks of life/all the masses. It’s, charisma and I know for a fact that it would not dwindle/fizzle. 

  • Regular Just Like the Rest of Us – I am sure, like most, you’ve spent countless hours on her Instagram, on her twitter handle, her blogsite perhaps and you would all agree that despite the rising fame, she’s a regular lass going through the adventure of life. Trekking towards her purpose, looking for that specific place in this world. With this, a lot can relate to, even the men that adore her. They may not be that expressive like us girls, but they are on the quest for their purpose in life as well. When people get to relate to your regular struggles, your life musings, your adventures and misadventures, it magnetizes them to you. The polarity of life so to speak. She has that claim on all of us. I've gone through some of the things she's going through and I relate to her like most of you.

Crap this is already long. I might stick to being a silent fan or from time to time surface out from hiding but know for a fact that we - I appreciate what you do Maine. Like I said on my other post, you give us an escape from the daily grind. I wish you a brighter future. Your journey has begun and your foothold to where you wanted to be and to your purpose is going to be stronger – yes I read your post about not knowing what to do or where to go. Here you are, the adventure has begun. Make the journey count.

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Aldub, What?

 (c) @mainedcm  | @aldenrichards02

I know the "Aldub, What?" title would perhaps initially elicit two raw emotions from those who have stumbled upon this blog post: 

  • Boiling point temper of those who are super into this tandem (with you people saying, “Humanda to sakin, ipapakilala ko kung ano ang Albub dito.”
  • Sparked curiosity as to what this blog post is all about (“Ano naman kayang pinagsasabi netong taong to.” - ayaw ako dalawin ng antok, so I had to write)
Hold emotions! Especially those who are on the boiling point. I am not writing about Aldub to bash the tandem or be a negatron. We have enough people breathing negativity every single day that’s why I think we owe those with creative minds who helped helm Aldub to what it is today with deepest gratitude.

Let me back track a little. That title, yes the “Aldub, What?” was my initial reaction when I heard some people at the office gushing about these two. I have not been keeping up with the trends lately, believe me I used to breath tweeting like it was a meal way back when and I was always on the loop, but not on this one apparently.

I’m probably one of the seemingly apathetic people you might come across, okay wait, key words “seemingly apathetic”, as people get surprised when I blurt out things like these to them. When I sought their vast knowledge (chos) about Aldub, they started relaying what usually happens on the “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment in Eat Bulaga!, realizing that the Yaya Dub is Maine Mendoza (yes I’ve laughed my arse loud on that viral Kris and Darla Dubsmash) and then Alden Richards, who I know just a little about (being truthful, peace tayo) – I do not watch local TV shows often, my apologies as I am more on a TV series binge watcher type (on long weekends pa or when sleep won’t come easy).

Like most – fuck it (whoops) A LOT of people, I got hooked. Every late afternoon after I appreciated the sunset from my workstation, you’ll get to hear me laughing. My co-workers would say, “Nanonood na ng Aldub yan.” Hey, I need to catch a break too right?

I’ve read/heard some people saying they don’t get why Aldub gets this much hype so I will try to round it off with my own 3 main reasons (for now):

  • Spontaneous Sparks: in my alma mater, we use this word “Sparks” to label a possible beginning of a love story. This was it for Yaya Dub (Maine) and Alden, they had sparks flying all over from the second Maine’s eyes twinkled seeing Alden on the monitor. A lot may have flunked Chemistry in high school or college but these two could make a non-chemist identify a new chemical element just looking at them.

  • Always Game: not referring to any sport but to the attitude of always being game with anything fun. Who could pull off that spontaneous pabebe wave after getting caught off guard with Alden watching you Dubsmash a crazy piece? Salute to Maine for that! I know it has become a part of their jobs but unscripted parts slip off the cracks once in a while and they get to pull it off like they are always game for anything.  

  • Dimples and Twinkling Eyes: oh, warning lang, medyo cheesy na part to (I think, antok na ako). "Bagay" would always be the word that comes out of people’s mouth whenever Aldub gets discussed (Sparks di ba?). For me, the main dead giveaways are those dimples (not Frankie’s, please lang) and those twinkling eyes when there’s real “kilig”. You would notice when things get real on the skit when Alden’s dimples get way too deep while smiling and Maine’s eyes twinkle like its brighter than sunshine. Observe it yourselves come next week, and see how you react when those dimples and twinkling eyes come out, that’s when your own “kilig” comes into play.

I have a few more to spew but I am feeling a little sleepy and I won’t dwell on how gorgeous both are, we all know it already. What are your reasons why Aldub is a phenomenon?

Just writing this because I couldn’t sleep and probably the best time to dust off the blog too. Cobwebs are everywhere on this place.

Thank you Maine and Alden for the escape from all the craziness you give us from Monday to Saturday. I am grateful with the laughter plus kilig that you bestow us earthlings and I have become a big fan. May your individual stars shine brighter than sunshine and their rays cross paths (hopefully very soon) so they could even be brighter. Best of luck with your careers! 

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Friday, October 24, 2014

The "K" Experience Survey

Hi Everyone,

First of all, thank you for taking time to go through and taking interest of this study. I would just like to inform you that this research is solely based on my curiosity of people’s fascination about KPop. Often I see tweets or facebook statuses of my friends who are very much into this type of music and the activities of the idols that they love. 

This made me think, what really is it that makes people fall in love with this big music scene. My interest has spiked. Knowing that this is very big in South Korea and the rest of the neighboring Asian countries as well as some Western countries, I wanted to know what really is in it.

With that, please take a short period of time answering the questions on the links below. There are two parts; I am only using a freeware that is why I split it into two.  You will remain anonymous and the responses will be analyzed collectively. I will be writing my short paper and post here on my website together with the general responses and your interesting takes on this.

Please do not forget to answer Part 2 of the survey.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time and interest. I really do appreciate it. 



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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese

The Angels Got Cheesy with New Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese Pizza is heaven and heaven is cheese. The Angels are at it again with Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's new Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza -- freshly-baked dough pizza topped with garlic and loaded with 5 classic cheeses; cheddar, pizza cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and feta.

Available in Medium Pizza - a 9' inch thick good for 2-3 persons at Php299, Family Pizza - 12'inch thick good for 4-5 persons at Php429 and Big Family - a 14'inch thick good for 6-7 persons at Php529 and Thin Crust Pizza 14'inch thin good for 6-7 persons, the Angels Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza will satisfy your cravings of coagulated and curdled milk we all know as cheese.

Not just two or three cheeses, the Angels Pizza's Garlic and Cream Cheese has five to let you savor the different aroma and texture of cheeses you've been dreaming of. You don't need to order pizza taking away all those toppings you don't like to leave out just the cheese. You don't really need to add the feta and Parmesan when served with veggie and meat pizzas now with Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's new Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese. It’s all here. All five cheeses you've always thought was your idea of a perfect pizza. It's every cheese-lover's delight to bite into Angels' Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza, baked to perfection, best shared with family or friends. You'll never go wrong with cheese perfect for dates, gatherings and family bonding.

Oh yes, the heaven sent Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Classic Spaghetti with Garlic Bread and Apple Turnover Your prayers have been answered. The heavens must've been listening when you asked for your favorite pasta with your favorite Angels Pizza Pasta Combo pizzas.

The Angels have finally brought your all-time favorite Classic Spaghetti with Garlic Bread Sticks. A classic Filipino spaghetti with a touch of rich and creamy tomato sauce served with 2 pieces of garlic sticks, Angels' Classic Spaghetti with Garlic Bread Sticks is a hefty serving of pasta for only Php80. It's the home-cooked Filipino-style spaghetti you love because the heavens are all ears for your cravings this rainy season. And the heaven said yes also to that desire for a sweet ending after a delicious pizza and pasta meal at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo.

The Angels Apple Turnover is a traditional recipe of tender and flaky puffed dough with apple filling glazed with butter, reasonably priced at Php70 per piece. Perfect for snack and for people always on-the-go, this new pastry is Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's treat for the sweet tooth in you.

Call 922-2222 or order online via

Avail of the Angels' promos and discounts, visit and follow @angelspizza on Twitter and @angelspizzaph on Instagram for more details.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hungry? Munch on Figarro’s New Breakfast Sliders and Rice Meals

Figaro Coffee Company - Breakfast Sliders

Before we proceed let me make one thing clear, I am not a foodie but I love food, not much of a food blogger but I write about food that I have enjoyed and tickled my tastebuds. As you can see, most of my posts here are about traveling but travel or adventure comes in many forms. One of which would be new food offerings from places you frequent, so there goes the reason for this post.

Are you always in a hurry that you do not have enough time to prepare the most important meal of your day? Do you love coffee? If your answer is a resounding yes to both questions – just like me, then Figaro Coffee Company can take care of that.

Paired with their signature brewed coffee which by the way gets me through the day, Figaro Coffee Company offers the new and tasty Breakfast Sliders that could make you slide through the entire morning feeling full.

For only Php 130, you can have your morning brewed coffee fix, choice of any 2 of these amazing sliders Bacon and Egg Slider, Mushroom and Egg Slider, Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Slider, and Tapa Slider and throw potato chips in the mix, your breakfast is served.

Breakfast Sliders for Php 139

Tasty are these little monsters but if you are to urge me to choose which my favorite is, you got me at Tapa Slider and Bacon and Egg Slider, I have to get those protein in for the day. But of course the other 2 sliders as just as equal in taste.

Tapa and Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Sliders

I got in Figaro's Taipan Building a little late to try out these new exciting dishes, so I got a little help with the photos, thank you very much Annesy!

Now that your breakfast has been covered through these amazing Breakfast Sliders, say you have a meeting around Ortigas go to Taipan Place Building where one of their branches is located and enjoy the functionalities of Liberica Business Room and Arabica Conference Room. If you wish to let Figaro take care of your events, go reach Figaro Coffee Company at Tel. No.: 02-340-4002. Here are some shots of their Taipan Place Branch in Ortigas.

Liberica Business Room

Figaro Coffee Company Taipan Place Branch

Cozy place isn't it? Alright, they do not just offer coffee, those breakfast sliders, they have lunch for you too! For only Php 199 you would get to enjoy the following rice meals! Choose from the following delectable favorite Filipino Rice Meals with a twist:

Breaded Fish with Plum Sauce

Classic Asado

Pork Tenderloin in Asian Pesto Sauce

Traditional Adobo

My personal favorite? Classic Asado and Traditional Adobo.

What are you waiting for? Try their new Breakfast Sliders for only Php 139 that comes with any 2 of their sliders variant, chips and coffee as well as their new Rice Meal choices for only Php 199.

Find out more about Figaro Coffee Company Breakfast Sliders and Rice Meals at, figarocoffeecompany, or check out their instagram handle @figarocoffee and @figarocoffeeHQ on Twitter.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pearl Farm Beach Resort – Samal Island, Davao City

Samal Houses - Pearl Farm Beach Resort

It started as part of my job, a responsibility that I had to fulfill for the year to my colleagues but ended as a beautiful experience that I wish to have for the third, fourth time and whenever I am able.


Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island, Davao City would possibly fit your dream destination. If you want relaxation and you are like me who would rather appreciate the opulence of the place rather than party all night every night, then Pearl Farm Beach Resort is for you.

Parola - Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Situated in a private island, Pearl Farm is located in the southern part of the Philippines, the Samal group of Islands. Samal in itself is beautiful with coastline blessed with white sandy shores. The resort rooms/villas are designed with ethnic influences which would allow you to truly appreciate the beauty of culture and nature. 

I happen to have had a great privilege of visiting Pearl Farm Beach Resort twice, first during our ocular visit which was an overnight stay then second during our 3 day company event. The place was already a come on from the white sand, to the rooms and villas, but what became the cherry on top was how we were treated. From the Manila Office to the on-site staff, the hospitality was consistent. I knew I could be demanding and at times there are changes that everyone assisting us must accommodate, but the service was consistent and truly commendable.

I cannot truly express my appreciation of the resort as my words may not do justice, from the rooms to the restaurant, to the famous Parola, to the beach and the Villas and the activities you could have in the resort, but I assure you it is a place that you should consider going whenever you are in Davao.

How to get to Pearl Farm Beach Resort:

Via Plane: Check Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific or other airlines that have daily flights to Davao (ranges from 6k to 10k depending on the airlines promotion and season).

Transfer: You can arrange car service with the resort that would pick you up from the airport to the Marina, but if you will be coming from the City, take taxi heading to Davao Beach Club. Pearl Farm has an exclusive area in the Marina.

Fare: Taxi from airport to Davao Beach Club - Php 70 - Php 80

Airport Transfer to Pearl Farm Marina: From Php 500 up

Travel Time: From airport to Davao Beach Club approximately 20 minutes due to the speed limit

Boat Transfer is about 45 mins from the Marina to the resort.

Pearl Farm is both great for Company events and personal leisure.  If you want to know more about Pearl Farm Beach Resort, costs and other matters you may reach them through the following:

Manila Office:
Ground Floor ANFLOCOR Building, 411 Quirino Avenue corner
NAIA Road, Tambo ParaƱaque City 1700
Trunk Line: (02) 855-2741 local 207 & 208
Direct Line : (02) 854-7892
Tele Fax #: (02) 854-5599

Davao Sales Office
3F Abreeza Ayala Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Tel #: (63 82) 285-0601, 285-0876
Fax #: (63 82) 285-1914

Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines
Tel #: (082) 235-1234
         (082) 235-1235
         (082) 235-1236

Visit Pearl Farm Beach Resort

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

5 Reasons Why I am Fat

Turning the ripe age of 30 in the next coming months with height 5 foot 3 and weighing 67 kilos where all of these excess flab decided to enjoy their fatty self in my mid section, things do not look pretty. And this would even make you want to break the mirror every day.

With those digits, what better way to start 2014 with some pure self reflection and admittance? I am overweight and I hate every I have been tagging along with me.

For almost 6 years I have gained more than enough pounds that I am not supposed to. For some who knows me within this 6 year time frame would not actually see much difference but for those who have known me before these 6 stagnant years, they are appalled. Why? I used to weigh around 53-55 kilos – just right around the corner of being in the ideal weight, athletic and very active.

My absolute worst weight was 72 kilos (158.4 lbs) for a medium built female as tall as 5’2 inches this is 19 kilos or 41.8 pounds overweight, bordering obesity - and this was around 2011 – 2012. Almost all things were fucked (sorry for the word kids) up then. Self esteem like a doormat with a welcome sign ready to be stepped on. Clothes are getting bigger and not fitting. No chance of getting the clothes you would want to wear because it does not have your size. Being called fat, heck even being called “Fiona” because of the weight – that is no joke, people called me that behind my back and I found out about it and hell broke loose, but this is a different story altogether.

The past year, 2013 I went back to running a little and playing badminton once a week for about 2 hours. I went down to my current weight of 67 kilos then and it was a fluctuating feat. Nothing serious, just getting the grove back.

They say that the best way to start changing is realizing there is something to change. For me, one of those things would be the weight. I still have 14 kilos to lose (30.8 lbs), this maybe very minute to some who have “more to love” but for me, I have reached my tipping point.

So before the 5 reasons why I am fat, here are some unflattering pictures of me at my bordering obesity phase taken from one of our vacations to the two most beautiful places I have been in the Philippines Sand Bar in Bais, Negros (near Dumaguete) and Siquijor.


5 Reasons Why I am Fat:

1. Denial: That is a one word reason but speaks volume.
  • Denying that I am actually getting fat and I am not doing anything about it.
  • Not admitting that I am bound for a serious problem very very soon.
  • I did not want to accept that I have reached a state where I had to change the way I live. 
  • Denying that I am aging and growing old requires more activities.

What I am doing now/have done:

  • I am not going to be 21 forever where I could run a good 10 kilometers without passing out. I have accepted that I need to change my lifestyle and I have to work on my determination to actually stick to the plan. Accepted the fact that I am very fat (my point of view) and I need to really work on it.

2. Having a lot of excuses:

  • Excuses such as not running because I do not have a running buddy. Not playing badminton because no one would be able to play with me for straight 2 hours (coming from a varsity, this is minimal).
  • That I could always go back to my ideal weight without a fuss because I was an athlete and had the greatest metabolism. - very stupid of me.

What I am doing now/have done:

  • I got myself a 1 year gym membership (144 visits) that is 3 times a week work out. I started it this week and I do not need a buddy to work out. I need my body to actually work out.

3. Eating like a mean machine and like there is no tomorrow:

  • I chug down all the wrong drinks, swallowed gazillions of chocolates, chewed my way to a lot of foods I do not even understand what was in them. McDonalds, Jollibee and other fast foods became my go to food and best friends. Few fruits, less water more sugar.

What I am doing now/have done:

  • I am watching what I eat, started logging in the intakes to ensure I know what is going in and what I need to avoid. A little bit more expensive than the fast food but this would save me thousands in the near future just by avoiding hospitalization and medications.

4. Procrastinating to the fullest:

  • I think I have mastered procrastination. I knew I had to be active but I always told myself, there would be “tomorrow” or “next week” or “reschedule. This went on for a long time and look where it got me, 72 kilos.
  • I put off running (which I used to do), I put off playing badminton which I have loved so dearly. I put off a lot of things. See reason 1, why.

What I am doing now/have done:

  • Following a strict gym schedulethrice a week. Making sure that I get into the program the right way. Telling myself that I have a goal and I must stick to it. More rewards if I get it done.
  • Writing what I have gone through the day or what I thought and feel while staying on track. I have that little book where I write my blabs about the road to 53 kilos so that I would be able to look back on how I was able to manage to achieve my goal.

5. Being dormant like a volcano - my absolute worst:

  • I was a couch potato during weekends with potato chips, with sodas, pizzas and whatever junk I could chew. I did not do anything about it at all. I sat around like a slobSlept late, woke up late and even just lying in bed doing nothing for the duration of the weekend – if I did not have a schedule.
  • 7 flights of stairs would be easy to take if I remained active but no, I took the elevator up and down. Even if it was lesser than 7 flights.
  • Instead of walking to the mall (whenever eating out), I would commute which is longer due to traffic and costly than walking. Office is about 5 – 10 minute walk to the mall. Imagine the dormancy and laziness.
  • Not walking around to break off being sedentary all day even for 10 minutes or 15 (which is advised).
  • Forgoing exercise over a movie night out plus junk food to enjoy in a 2 hour time frame.
  • Just sitting, shitting, doing nothing.

What I am doing now/have done:

  • Exercise schedules, taking the stairs whenever possible: 12 flights going down is quite easy but makes you a little woozy. I would try sometime soon going up and if I get the stamina, I would maybe do it every other day – out of the gym schedule.
  • Working around on having the right amount of sleep. At least 6 hours for this age.
  • Just being active.

I am not trying to be a guru nor even an expert. I am nowhere near that. My purpose of this is hoping that one day, some day, I would be able to touch someone and make him/her realize that everything starts with us

If we want to change something about ourselves, the first step would always be admitting to our faults and doing something about it, not wallowing or feeling sorry. Actually do something and stop making excuses. 

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