Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with the Fam!

Music: Bruno Mars and The Temper Trap (In that order)

picture not mine: artwork found from the worldwideweb

All the kids are hanging out and playing their PSP’s. My cousin is at the kitchen finishing up all her cooking and I’m right in front of the computer typing this and fixing my playlist (since I busted my laptop, I haven’t updated it yet with my new tunes).

We weren’t really going to have the Christmas eve here in Laguna but my cousin (ate claudine) insisted we have to. See, we lost our cousin last November 8 and it kinda felt like a part of us died. Well it still does feel like that up to now since his birthday is comin this 29th. We miss him dearly. So Ate decided we have to spend time together (even though her freakin house is like a gazillion miles away from where we live haha).

So far, we discussed a lot of things and the stuff that had happened over the past. Great thing about this is that she never gets old with her crazy antics. Shes one of my favorite cousins and I always spent my free days back in the province at her house or she would stay in our living room all afternoon with her kids just watching TV and doing nothing on a weekend.

My mom is not here (we miss her dearly) so as my brother. Maybe this is the way we can extend our selves and somewhat spend Christmas without missing anyone that much. It has been a few years since we have spent Christmas together. We usually would go home to the province but it’s really difficult to go home this time since we don’t have any ride or wouldn’t wanna risk the chaos in goin home by bus.

Anyway, like I have said before, there is no need in having one to many foods on your table to share with the family. It should be the other way around. One too many family members all gathered up in one house to enjoy the holiday and just be plain merry.

I like this. I will remember this. I love this.

Merry Christmas everyone! May you enjoy your time with your love ones like I am right now (tho we are spending a few minutes apart, its not midnight yet haha)

Have a good one!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amazingly Mystical (Siquijor and Dumaguete Trip)

Music: Snow Patrol and She & Him (Shuffled)

Welcome to Siquijor! (we took this leaving the island haha)

Have you ever heard of “Don’t be a stranger in your own country?” Well if you have, then you know what it truly means. For so long I have been dreaming of just going out and experience what the Philippines can offer. I have been to a few. I started traveling at the age of 15, for free, under a different circumstance. I was able to enjoy Bacolod City for free with allowance because I was part of the Badminton Team for my region (played for national games against all the regions in the country). But I did not enjoy it much due to so many constraints. Still I dream of being in another place and another.

I told myself that I wouldn’t go out of the country unless I visit the places I wanted to be here in the Philippines but that did not happen. Instead I crossed borders first before enjoying what the country has to offer me.

This time was different. I was contemplating on not going due to the fact that I just lost my cousin a week before the scheduled trip. I do not know whether I have the right to enjoy and that I still don’t wanna accept the fact that he is with the Lord now (as we all go through under the circumstance). My friend talked me in to taking it. He said I had to, it is much needed. So I did. A few days later, I boarded the plane to Dumaguete straight from having a training in Baguio.

We reached the Dumaguete airport around 8:30am and went straight to the port for Siquijor. Trust me I did not know the entire itinerary. I was just there going with the flow. We were 18 in the group. Three I have known for years and the others just during the plane ride. They are my friend’s colleagues. Fast forward. There I was waiting in the port for the ferry to Siquijor listening to the warnings my friend has been saying the moment we reached Siquijor.

The mystical island of Siquijor is amazing. It is beyond compare. It has its own unique way of welcoming its tourists (which is not so many due to the myths it has). A mini bus picked us up to bring us to the resort (the driver was nicknamed “Rocky” coz he looked like Rocky Salumbides from PBB haha). We ate first near the Siquijor Church. All 18 of us ate a lot and the cost was just around 2000 pesos, good food too! We went around the towns before heading to the resort – pictures below and the name of the places. 

Bell Tower, Siquijor, Siquijor

Lazi Church

Lazi Convent - the Oldest Convent in the Philippines

After going around, taking pics at the Lazi Church and the oldest Convent in the Philippines as well as seeing Cambugahay Falls where my friends took a quick dip, we went to the resort. The ride was hard due to the fact that we were cramped up inside a minivan with so many bags and the seats didn’t have any cushion or whatsoever – it takes 2 hours to reach the Salagdoong Beach resort in Maria, Siquijor. 
Cambugahay Falls

Hotel Agripino - Salagdoong Beach Resort

We were housed in Agripino Hotel which I could say more than what we have expected.  Dinah the manager was very accommodating. Staying in Salagdoong Beach proved that Siquijor has so much to offer. That people should explore it more than just listening to hearsays regarding the island.  We stayed there overnight where we enjoyed the afternoon, the night and of course the morning. The place was just super magical for me.

After staying there for 2 days, we went back to Dumaguete taking the last trip. It was a long 1 and half ride and I fell asleep which was good. The bell tower in Dumaguete is also amazing. The architecture there like in Siquijor is something that you can really appreciate. We stayed in Drill Shack Resort (which had salt water for pool water haha different). We didn’t really swim there but just used the place for boarding. 

trying to do the lift here at Salagdoong Beach, Maria, Siquijor

the sunset in Maria, Siquijor

taking a walk at the trail

November 27, 2010 proved yet again that I have so many things to see. We woke up early, around 4am to prepare for the ride. It takes 2 hours (40 km) to Bais, Negros Oriental. Itinerary for the day was whale and dolphin watching. We did not see whales tho but we saw a few dolphins from afar. We didn’t wait for them to join us so we went straight to the amazing Sandbar. I was in so much awe when I saw the place from afar. So beautiful. I didn’t swim like in Siquijor because I was already nursing a roasted skin haha. Instead I acted as the reliable photographer as always. Words cannot express how much appreciation I have for this place. You decide with these pictures below.

Boatmen in Bais, Negros Oriental

Sandbar at Bais, Negros Oriental

doin the tourist post at the Sandbar

my friend Anto and I always do this whenever we can haha

My Dumaguete – Siquijor trip last November 25-28, 2010 strengthened the promise I made that I will keep exploring what the Philippines has to offer me. I am humbled with so many beautiful sights and I will come back to these places in a heart beat. Til the next time!

Side note: you may ask how to get there

Flights:  MNL to DGTE

PAL or Cebu Pacific to Dumaguete  depends on how much the fare during the season

Going to Siquijor: from the airport get on a van (costs 200 pesos for us) and ask them to bring you to the port. Get tickets to Siquijor (prepare 200 pesos that includes the ferry fare and the terminal fee).

You have to make sure you have a minibus to go around the place. I think we rented “Rocky’s” ride for 2500 pick up from and to. I recommend staying in Agripino Hotel in Salagdoong Beach resort. It is the place to be. I have Dinah Palacio’s number if you guys want it. Ride takes 2 hours from port to the resort.

Then back to Dumaguete to Bais, Negros Oriental for Sandbar Resort.

Minibus ride 2 hours then boat ride that would cost 3500-4000 pesos for the whole trip.

For more info: research the places.

leaving you with this! til next time!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mt. Maculot Adventure (Cuenca Batangas)

Music: Hanson (Yes! It’s on shuffle haha. I still have this crush with Taylor Hanson – so bite me.)

Friend took this picture. Cropped it and I am not being emo mind you. haha

It was so random, our IT friends were just joking and asked whether we want to go join them on their next climb. Feeling the need to run away from everything that connects me to work and the city, I agreed.

Friday, October 29th I reached Batangas (only to sleep over at my friend’s house to get ready for the next day). It was cold that night which reminded me of Albay. I never really get enough good sleep whenever I am in the city. There is always something to worry about in the morning or the fear of not being able to finish the tasks that need to be done. Saturday came and we were off to start our climb. We came in 2 hours late to the surprise of everyone in the group and as well as the angst. Haha.

We started around 2 in the afternoon, 14 of us started the climb with a prayer asking God to keep us safe. Some areas were hard to climb and at some point easy. Had a lot of rest as it was after a few years since I had climbed one. We reached the camp site after 3 hours of trekking. The mountain had the best way of welcoming me. I stepped on poop and didn’t know until I jumped down from the tree I climbed to look at the Taal Volcano. What made it worst is that I didn’t know it was poop. I smelled it to check what it was….. I smelled it. Hahaha. Much to my disgust, smelling confirmed it. Thank you Mt. Maculot for the experience! I didn’t touch food til the next day even if I cleaned my hand pretty well.

The sunset up there was so beautiful. Being a fan of that time of the day made me take a few good breaths to savor the view and thank God that he guided us up safely and provided us such a beautiful experience. 

Sunset at Mt. Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas (10.30.2010)
Setting up the tents didn’t come as hard as it was. It was so cold up there but crazy that I was, I only had shorts for changing. The guys brought drinks, it really does help to keep you warm up there believe me, especially gin. Midnight came, my roomie and I couldn’t sleep because the tent was soaked and the tarpaulin we used to cover the tent was pulling the pegs out from the ground. I couldn’t take it anymore, went out, on my shorts haha, then checked what I could do. I went out twice because I couldn’t handle the cold. I called some of our friends and then we all helped fix the tent. It was one of the best sleeps ever!

Morning came. Some were asking us all to wake up and head on to the summit  they call “ Rockies” tired from the night, we let them go first and followed after. It was such a beautiful place. It was  challenging to go there since the ground was a bit slippery and boulders were everywhere. But the trek was so worth it. 

at the summit with my friend
Three days away from the city made me realize that there are so many things I tend to neglect. Like enjoying a simple morning and taking a deep breath then thank God for that day. Sleeping soundly like a baby, not having a lot of worries at night. No calls or texts, no internet or not even having the phone at hand all the time. It also made me realize that I was so out of shape, not because I can see it in the pictures but because I couldn’t handle a 10 minute climb without catching my breath and stopping.

The trekking taught me that in all hardship, in every struggle, there is always something out there that can make all the fighting worth it.

At the summit. Breath taking place. Peaceful.

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Monday, October 25, 2010


Music: A Fine Frenzy (shuffled)

This isn't my artwork: credit to whoever owns this beautiful drawing. states everything I feel about music.

I think there are two kinds of people when it comes to music. One, those who can make beautiful music - composers, singers, performers and there comes the second kind, those who can appreciate good, honest to goodness beautiful music (no matter which genre). 

My mom told me, “you have a good voice anak.” Well, of course my mom would tell me that since she is the one who gave birth to me. Haha. But honestly I do not believe so. I am just the so called, second type. Music was not really played that much in the household. Or maybe I was not around that much to hear them played as my sister does have a great voice compared to me and my brother. I was usually out and about when I was younger (thus sporting the skinny look back in my youngin days haha), but I always have this connection with music. I taught myself how to play the guitar, no I am not that great I could just play some simple songs – if I pursued it I coulda been, mom was so proud when she heard me playing the guitar for the first time, I could never forget that look she had on her face.

Fast forward, music has been part of my life since I could remember. It just hits the spot. There are songs that certainly do provide that “soundtrack of the moment” for you and you cannot help but smile even though you’re feeling a bit down. The other day, I was having this confused state (for whatever reason – maybe I just had too much of school and work combined) decided to just play some songs and stumbled upon Hillsong United and I played it on and on. That song was “Take All of Me”. That saved the moment.

Music provides that rainbow of emotions which you can never explain fully or share to everyone in full. Anyway, all I am saying:

1. I cannot sing (well I could try to save my life and someone elses) but I don’t have that diamond voice. 

2. Songs are short stories of our moments molded in 3 and half minutes or so with melodies.

3. We all have those music notes flowing through our veins. No matter how much discouragement we get from other people, that we cannot sing and we cannot carry a tune. Who cares? As long as it gives you that satisfaction and that blissful feeling, why not sing your heart out right?

4. That there are songs perfectly crafted to fit our very moment “the soundtrack of the moment” so I call it. No matter how down we are, how happy or whatever we are feeling, somewhere someone out there have that same feeling whenever you play certain songs. 

5. Music bridges everyone. The airwaves serve as the beacon of light that touches our hearts in every angle possible. 

With that (knowing this is so random and I don’t even know if this made sense at all. haha =p) I leave this entry with this: 

“Cause all we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful

And in the end the words won't matter
'Cause in the end nothing stays the same
And in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain”

“All We Are” – Matt Nathanson

Every day is start of something beautiful, we should always have that hope, have that moment to live have that courage to go through it all even though sometimes it is hard, because in the end nothing stays the same. Not even that lake where you threw your stone. We should dream, as dreaming means living, love as much as we should as it fuels our hearts and live as long as we can because life is that kind of adventure everyone should not sit out.

That is music. That is the story. That is the soundtrack of the moment.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Music: “Catch My Disease” – Ben Lee

how to get there:

By air: check out Cebu Pacific, PAL and Airphil for trips to Legazpi and Naga

By land: Bus going to Naga, Tabaco/Legazpi


[plane] Ranges from 2k roundtrip (check seat sales) to 5k one way (if you’re booking on the same day of your trip or missed your flight just like I did – haha)

[bus] 1000 pesos to Tabaco airconditioned bus one way 400 ordinary fare (be ready to have all the dirty stuff if you do get on the ordinary bus believe me I have tried haha)

To get around: Trike, Jeepneys, Bus or own car.

Place to stay: Inns, Hotels that could range from 300 a night to more than a thousand depends on where youre staying. Or you can stay at my house for free so long as im there. hahaha

Hmm this has been long overdue, the trip to Bicol (Albay, Camarines Sur and Naga) happened about two weeks ago and I am only blogging it right now. Blame it on procrastination. Hah! =p

The trip started in a very Anne Milla way. Getting up early but only to end up missing the flight, so as you can see, it didn’t start the way I planned it. There was no taxi when I left the house to get me to the airport. I had to wait for more than 30 mins to get one. I missed my flight for a mere 5 minutes and I had to rebook the next earliest flight or else my managers will have a ball killing me the next work day. How fun. So girls and boys, make sure you call a cab to pick you up.

I only was able to get the flight to Naga, since I am a local I didn’t mind going to Tabaco on a Bus or any other form of transportation. I arrived in Pili, Camarines Sur around 8:30am and just walked my way out. You can rent the taxis to Naga for 250 pesos. Since I am on a tight schedule and my visitors are already in my house eating Laeng, Bangkulis (pictured below) and Kusido (soup dish with Sweet Potato leaves and fish – Bangkulis) –

I took a chance on a bus trip. Only to add insult to injury, it took me to Iriga City and had me transferred to another bus headed to Legazpi. I was itching to get home as fast as I could due to the fact that my sister in law had already assumed the tour guide duty on my behalf. I had to do something, rode the van that would take me to a place where I could ride the jeepney and meet them at Mayon Resthouse (one of my favorite places to hang out whenever I am home). Long story cut short. I arrived in Tabaco City nearly 12 noon, just in time for lunch. Then we were off to go around.

I never really took the time to go around the tourist spots in my province since I am more on the trekking part. I would rather swim and hike or just sleep all day. But this was different.

It was a fun day. Scratching all the mishaps I have had and the mocking I had to go through.

I don’t have much pictures of me since I was the one taking pics. Below are for public consumption. Have fun.

Biggs Diner's Burger Supreme
(braches are all over Naga and Legazpi)

pan de legazpi 
(this is so good in the morning with a hot Milo or coffee)

Mazapan con Pili
(one of the good buys in the province for pasalubong there are more depends on you which)

Sunset in Naga
(always my favorite time of the day - its so peaceful)

(taken in Daraga, Albay after vising the 18th Century built Daraga Church)

There are a lot of places to see in Albay, a lot to experience, a lot to try. If I could just stay there the whole month I would. I left when I was 16 years old. It feels so good to keep coming back. I grew up in a province where the Mayon Volcano serves as your back-draft. The Bicol region is rich of culture, beautiful stories, food - not just the spicy ones, and good people. It is worth your time to visit with your friends and family. 

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He breathed not just hope......

(i am claiming he smiled for me! haha)

Entry Date: August 31, 2010
Music: She & Him (Shuffled)

For a few weeks, I have put off visiting this one brave boy that almost everyone in my twitter knows. There is always something that would come up whenever I make a promise of visiting him.

I have to admit, I was a little bit hesitant for reasons that he may be that delicate and I may bring a virus to his place haha (knowing that I have my own allergies and always have that sneeze up on my sleeves).  But this Saturday, August 28, 2010 put my hesitations to rest.

My professor, that for the life of me I do not understand why we still hold classes every Saturday when he only teaches for an hour in a supposedly 3-hour class, dismissed us the earliest as usual. I didn’t have anything scheduled that afternoon aside from a lunch and froyo date with my office mates… so I decided to go to this little Angel’s place.

After my lunch and a short walk in the campus, I followed the directions given to me and found their place without getting lost, to my surprise haha. It was such a breath of fresh air seeing him there in his own hospital bed in his very comfy bed room (with a hospital vibe mind you haha – I am not fond of hospitals haha). His mom (mommy tet) greeted me with a big smile – like the usual smile she has whenever I see her in gatherings and happily asked me to come in. There was baby Jon, sleeping so peacefully, first thing I asked was “Did he lose weight?” haha Mommy Tet said they had to put him on a diet because he was having a bit of difficulty in breathing due to the weight (and some other things I could not remember), I was like a curious little preschooler asking Mommy Tet so many questions about Baby Jon, which she happily obliged to answer. I was hoping he will be awake but his mom said he just took some medicines but he gave us a smile that could lift anyone’s spirit up.

Hearing the answers to my questions regarding his situation and how Dadi Joni and Mommy Tet need to be very careful in watching over him made me realized and strengthen my views on a lot of things. Here are a few:

  1. That life is a gift and it shouldn’t be wasted, no matter how and what challenges God may give you.
  2. That there are a lot of people out there willing to extend a helping hand without asking anything in return.
  3. That hope and faith, no matter which form it may be will always be there.
And most importantly:
  1. That no matter how hard things in life could and would be, the parents’ love for a child or their children will never ever falter.

Lets face it, some may say its so hard for Baby Jon and that his situation will not get better anytime soon, but this I will tell you (for those who had the chance to read this), this beautiful little angel has a mission, has a purpose and he is here fighting to fulfill it. Whatever mission he has, whatever purpose God gave him – I am pretty sure he was able to collect a golden star from my visit to add up to his mission/purpose progress report for the lessons and realizations he was able to give me.

I salute his parents for doing such a wonderful job. The love for Baby Jon is unquestionable. This is the  epitome of the unconditional love most of us look for.  I salute them for everything they do for this angel and I am so glad I was able to meet them in this one blissful alley in my road to life. Til my next visit!

If anyone of you would like to get to know him better. Do visit:

If you have been looking for that something that could let your compassionate self out, why not take a chance on meeting this little angel? 

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Where randomness may lead you.

Music: The Fray (shuffled)

Where randomness may lead you.

They say it is more disappointing when things don’t go the way you planned them. You were so focused on getting that goal yet you stumbled and everything just crumbled right before your eyes.

We had our own moments like that, yet most of us never really learned. We still make sure we keep control on the path we have taken that led us to disappointments. I am not saying it’s a bad thing or anything, what I am saying is that when we are so focused on getting things the way we planned it right on the dot, we get to miss things out and eventually result to your plans shattered to pieces.

Life throws a lot of curve balls our way, some choose to dodge them some choose to take a swing; some have people behind them to catch them. These curve balls cause our plans to crumble if we don’t widen our horizons.

I am not perfect in dodging or striking or catching these curve balls, just like everyone I know. But I think I have hit a few home-runs. How? Randomness. It is surprising where our randomness leads us in life. I always believe that the right path is not always going straight, turning left or right and heading straight again, the right path is taking that zigzag road and enjoying every bit of it letting your randomness help you through. The gift of life was given to us not to worry about it but to live it to the fullest and randomness is a part of it.

I love being random most of the time. This is when I get to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Where boundaries do not really exist and where rules are not thicker than that biggest encyclopedia you can find.

My randomness took me to a journey in life where when I get older, I would look back and say I have lived that life and I have enjoyed those moments. One particular example: supporting Anne Curtis-Smith. I have idolized her since her teeny-bopper days as they called it before, (Chubi days as I fondly call it) but only on the sidelines. I never really joined any group or anything. But seeing her last September 2009 during the Ondoy days made me realize how much of a “bigger person” she is. Bigger than the smile she has every single day, bigger than that 2008 Best Actress she got from MMFF for Baler, bigger than the name I see on billboards, movie posters, teleseryes etc. Her care for the people affected by the typhoon clicked that switch in me that made me decide to do everything I can to support her. I have met her a few times just like a random supporter on the side. But her good heart made me realize that I have to be out there and support her all the way. Thus the fANNEatics. This randomness led me to getting to know how much of a good person she is other than her impeccable acting. This randomness does not end yet. And I hope it won’t. There is so much to share and experience.

So, for me being random has a lot of advantages to it. It leads you to magical things, events, places and people so to speak. Be random and don’t be afraid to enjoy every bit of it. Because one day, youll be able to say: I have lived.

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Monday, July 26, 2010


Music: Muse (Shuffled tracks)

Everyday we day dream of what could be, what should be, what needs to be. When someone asks, why don’t we do something about it, we come up with gazillion of reasons why we shouldn’t. We list down things that hinder us from doing it. Either we don’t have the time or the money, we don’t have anyone to do it with, we don’t have this and that. As we continue on with so many reasons why we shouldn’t, they pile up and eventually become our excuses for not doing so. Eventually we find out that our excuses have become us, that our reasons have become the walls that we are now so afraid to cross. Not taking chances anymore, not taking risks not liking change.

Let us all face it; we like to live a comfortable life. I do, and that scares me. I read somewhere that if we settle for comfortable life, we never allow ourselves to be innovative enough and experience failure. We will never have the chance or wouldn’t take a chance. Dale Carnegie wrote that we should take a chance because all life a chance. That is true. If we continue on living the comfortable life and not wanting on taking chances in life, we don’t allow ourselves to grow, we are kept by boundaries we built for ourselves and there is no room for improvement.

Funny thing is I am at this state and perhaps I am just realizing it out loud and writing this to convince myself to do something about things I kept saying one day, someday. I think I should be doing them today, in all chances I get.

Like I always say, I shall never understand the true meaning of success unless I experience failure. I shall never know what’s beyond that border if I do not take a chance and cross it. I shall never be where I want to be if I don’t take the first and the next steps.

Achieving dreams requires taking risks and taking chances. We should, in order to get that bucket list in life done.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Music: The Script (shuffled)

I came across this quote when I was searching for Love quotations, planning on tweeting it and share to others… but I saw this and thought I need to blog about it.

“I blame my mother for nothing, but forgive her for everything.” – Mary J. Blige

Well mother’s day has passed and this coming weekend will be for the fathers. But instead of writing about my dad, I am going to use this entry for mom.

Why? Well she is my Dad and my mom all mold into one. Mom has always been there not just for the three of us (my siblings) but for the family as well. Being the bread winner since the time I could remember, she never fails to make ends meet no matter how hard it gets for her. If you would calculate the years I have spent my time with her, it will be just nearly 1 and half years of my life. You may ask why, well she left when I was 1 and had to work abroad for us, you can say she’s one of those “Bagong Bayani” and I am super proud of her. I used to write entries on my notes about “Mobile Parenting” which means constantly checking your kids on the phone and calling them every week to ask how they are doing in school, writing them snail mails to tell stories and all. Whenever there is a debate in school with regard to kids going astray (so to speak) and losing their ways because their parents are working abroad, I always use myself and my siblings as living example that not all families are like that and not all parents working abroad have children who do not finish school, waste their time and do nonsense and the list goes on.

I love mom, in all ways I could. I respect her in every angle I see. I understand her in all languages known to man. She has been there for me every time I need her to be. Even though sometimes I get the feeling that she hates it when I am able to solve my problems on my own because she wants to be part of the process as she always has been though not physically. I know she will do everything to provide for me and my siblings….include our relatives in the package.

Mom comes home every 2 years, making sure it’s during our school break or vacation. 30 days every 2 years so that explains why in totality that’s how long I have physically seen her.

I have learned a lot from mom. One thing I always keep in mind “Be happy that you are the one helping, and not the one asking for help.” She always tell me that whenever I ask her why we have to do this and that when I was younger, now I know and have realized how far the ripples of someone’s kindness can reach, how many people will get touched just by your simple act of kindness.

Last night I watched “Remember Me”, it schooled me how short life could be, well I already know that it gave just a lil tap on my shoulder. In an instant it’s gone. So guys, if you can tell your mom/parents I love you in every manner/ways you can – go ahead. You will never know where it would lead you. If you haven’t said it or don’t say it as much and are shy about it – just act on it. That simple.

Well, I just miss my mom I guess. For those who still got the chance to do things for your moms, do it, lucky are we for still having them. And for those who’s moms are with our creator - know that she is guiding you wherever your feet take you.

What are you waiting for… dial-1800-143-mom now!

Have a great night guys!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Don’t forget to make a life list… and make it happen! - no matter when.

Music: Matthew Perryman Jones

I must admit, after I watched “A Walk to Remember” at the cinemas I made a life list. I was fresh out of high school and just embarked my journey into the so called “real world” (which I am still debating now whether I am living in it or still in the bubble I have created to protect myself). I didn’t know much what my future would hold, no one does so I’m safe. Never really had a good footing of what I wanted to do with my life. I was carefree, no plans, no concrete dreams, all I know was I wanted to be SOMEBODY.

Life for me was a bit easy, not as glamorous as anyone born with silver or gold baby rattles in their hand but normal enough to enjoy the perks of being young. I’ve had my crazy wild days in high school (that’s a whole new story right there haha) but I can say I have had a good stint. And come to look at it, I didn’t have much anything set into mind even when I started college. I did pass the entrance exams to good schools; even gotten in top 15 for Architecture (would you imagine that –a person who dodged math, trigo, algebra, calculus whenever could get into that course) and also gotten in Food Technology program (again, would you imagine? I wanted to bang my head to the walls just solving looking at the table of elements) but chose the road less traveled by (Sociology but that’s another story).

You might ask, why am I blabbing too much ‘bout the past and not really pinpointing what I want to say and started with that movie title. Well boys and girls, it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want haha just kidding. ‘Coz I just wanted to show you how uncertain I am with what I wanted to do with life or what I wanted to achieve then. I mentioned the life list from that movie because I really did make one, and this entry is about that really I just had a long introduction because I am bored out of my mind.

What was my life list (bucket list for some)? Here goes not in correct order but I remember them perfectly crazy as it may be.

1.       Be a lawyer (that means getting into law school which I never really tried)
2.       Work for UNICEF (UN)
3.       Put up a business for mom so she doesn’t have to work anymore
4.       Meet celebrities (yes mind you I did include this haha)
5.       Travel the world

Looking at the list I have made, I haven’t accomplished/achieved the first three. I don’t even know whether I am still going to be a lawyer (though I am almost done with my masters). I don’t even know whether I’d be able to work for UNICEF to help the kids around the world (though I have a pending volunteer application) and don’t know really WHEN I could achieve that number three for mom.  But suffice to say, I have met a few celebrities in this journey, and yes some of them are real people who have heart and soul and possess such kindness specifically one person (you probably know who this person is – for those who know me) and to top it off, I started crossing other borders.

Travelling is indeed refreshing, it widens your horizon. As crazy as it may sound, slaps you in the face to tell you to wake up and open your eyes wide. Well, that’s going to be another entry for me regarding. What I am trying to say is we mature through time, as we grow, our understanding needs to widen, our sense of adventure needs to be present and our  grasp in everything in and part of our lives should never weaken. Life lists, a good guide to discovering a lot of things. Maybe simple but proves there’s so much out there that’s waiting to be discovered. Make yours, the list may change through time but it’s your map through the adventure called life!

Again, I don’t know if I made sense…. Just wanted to get this boredom out (even though I have a lot to do for work haha)

Have a great night/day to you (whoever took interest in reading this gibberish).

Oh and before I end. Here’s a snapshot from the two borders I crossed. 

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When you're a local... go local!

Music: The Killers (Shuffled Albums)

I found out last Thursday (April 29, 2010) that the 3rd of May would be a holiday in observance of the Labor Day. My sister was already planning on going back to our hometown (Tabaco City) for the weekend until I decided to join her last minute. I haven't been home for the last 5 or 6 months and if ever I go home it's usually just for a day and is spent in bathing my dog Chummy and hanging out with my nephew Shaun. This weekend was totally different. Out of our randomness, my sister in law and I talked about going inter-island for a day and just planned the trip over night out of excitement. So here goes!

We should have started early last Sunday (May 2, 2010) because my sister in law said we have to be awake by 4am to buy the needed stuff for the trip. The usual me kicks in and I woke up 6am! haha :P  Picked her up (via motorcycle) and went to the market to get the stuff needed but the plan to leave for the island by 7AM was moved to 10AM due to all the cooking. My cousin's wife prepared Laeng and dried fish which was actually heaven for everyone!

We reached the port by 10AM and Don our boatman  (pictured on the left) waited for us for an hour since I told him we would be arriving by 9AM. The boat ride to the island was about 30 mins.

Funny thing though was we told him to bring us to the beach resort but instead of bringing us to where we wanted to go, he brought us to a semi-secluded island because he didn't know where the resort was. Everyone's face went "what the hell?" when we got off the boat.

No choice. We had to stay and enjoy the place where he took us. The place looked awesome though no complains after an hour haha. 

Out of the shock we got when our boatman brought us to a different  beach, my sisters plotted such evilish plan against my brother. They said, they would tell my brother how awesome the place is and would tell him to bring all his fishing and camping gears and leave his cellphone at home then he can tell the boatman to pick him up the next day. haha poor him!

The place was awesome though (picture on the right). It was still breath taking, nature at its best really. I couldn't ask for anything else that day. 

We left the island around 4:30PM. It was a great experience for me, first time ever to be on a boat and on a white sand beach (really believe it or not). Best of all it was spent with my family, although mom and my brother weren't with us, still we had fun and promised to be on the right beach the next time we visit! haha

It was really a very peaceful day indeed. A much needed vacation so everyone would say with all the hooplas I have gone through in the so called concrete jungle.

I would love to go back to this place again someday, I don't know when that would be again but someday. Either with friends and or still with the family. The peace this place has given me energized a few nearly drained parts of my body and revived my braincells. I wouldn't trade the getting on a different beach, waiting for the boatman for nearly an hour because we told him to pick us up by 4 he came nearly 5pm, the plotting against my brother to know how his reaction would be, and the food for anything else. 

So guys, if you ever get the chance to spend time with your family or friends, do so. You will never know when that chance would happen again. Take your randomness with you and let it get you to places you have not discovered yet. Time is of the essence, we keep saying we need to go to this place but we never act on it. So if ever you have that feeling of being somewhere, go for it. Enjoy life! As I always say, it is an adventure so we should experience it. 

Now my wandering mind got me to this place. Go for yours. I bet it would be fun!

Til next time!

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