Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Women of our generation have a lot of freedom unlike the tight-long-dresses, stay in the house and serve people (specifically men) years. We are given the independence we duly need, the power to speak our minds without being chastised and the chance to lead everyone to a so called “better life.”

We exude confidence (in our own ways) and at times scare men with it. We cry, yes we do, but that does not necessarily mean we are weak. I believe women become stronger with tears. We conquer our trials and tribulations with wit and with our seemingly fragile yet iron steel hearts.

We do stumble & we fall but women of our generation can get up with our head held up high. We are happy to be soiled, even if it means we break our nails (for some who has longer nails than I have =P). We are empowered when we get the chance to help others in whatever ways we can without expecting anything in return.

Women today can fight and stand up for their friends even when they have their own cross to bear. Yes, we have our own battles to fight but we dare not think that we charge alone, we have friends ready with their bows and arrows.

I salute my fellow women for their selflessness, their courage, their strength, and their undying hope and faith both in love and in life. There are a handful of women I know with such who would go the depths of hell to fight for the people they treasure the most, would face everyone with such poise and grace, and would dare cry not as a sign of fragility but openness, forgiveness, hope, love and strength.

With much love and respect to my fellow women out there. I am and will be one with you. 

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