Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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I came across this quote when I was searching for Love quotations, planning on tweeting it and share to others… but I saw this and thought I need to blog about it.

“I blame my mother for nothing, but forgive her for everything.” – Mary J. Blige

Well mother’s day has passed and this coming weekend will be for the fathers. But instead of writing about my dad, I am going to use this entry for mom.

Why? Well she is my Dad and my mom all mold into one. Mom has always been there not just for the three of us (my siblings) but for the family as well. Being the bread winner since the time I could remember, she never fails to make ends meet no matter how hard it gets for her. If you would calculate the years I have spent my time with her, it will be just nearly 1 and half years of my life. You may ask why, well she left when I was 1 and had to work abroad for us, you can say she’s one of those “Bagong Bayani” and I am super proud of her. I used to write entries on my notes about “Mobile Parenting” which means constantly checking your kids on the phone and calling them every week to ask how they are doing in school, writing them snail mails to tell stories and all. Whenever there is a debate in school with regard to kids going astray (so to speak) and losing their ways because their parents are working abroad, I always use myself and my siblings as living example that not all families are like that and not all parents working abroad have children who do not finish school, waste their time and do nonsense and the list goes on.

I love mom, in all ways I could. I respect her in every angle I see. I understand her in all languages known to man. She has been there for me every time I need her to be. Even though sometimes I get the feeling that she hates it when I am able to solve my problems on my own because she wants to be part of the process as she always has been though not physically. I know she will do everything to provide for me and my siblings….include our relatives in the package.

Mom comes home every 2 years, making sure it’s during our school break or vacation. 30 days every 2 years so that explains why in totality that’s how long I have physically seen her.

I have learned a lot from mom. One thing I always keep in mind “Be happy that you are the one helping, and not the one asking for help.” She always tell me that whenever I ask her why we have to do this and that when I was younger, now I know and have realized how far the ripples of someone’s kindness can reach, how many people will get touched just by your simple act of kindness.

Last night I watched “Remember Me”, it schooled me how short life could be, well I already know that it gave just a lil tap on my shoulder. In an instant it’s gone. So guys, if you can tell your mom/parents I love you in every manner/ways you can – go ahead. You will never know where it would lead you. If you haven’t said it or don’t say it as much and are shy about it – just act on it. That simple.

Well, I just miss my mom I guess. For those who still got the chance to do things for your moms, do it, lucky are we for still having them. And for those who’s moms are with our creator - know that she is guiding you wherever your feet take you.

What are you waiting for… dial-1800-143-mom now!

Have a great night guys!

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