Tuesday, August 31, 2010

He breathed not just hope......

(i am claiming he smiled for me! haha)

Entry Date: August 31, 2010
Music: She & Him (Shuffled)

For a few weeks, I have put off visiting this one brave boy that almost everyone in my twitter knows. There is always something that would come up whenever I make a promise of visiting him.

I have to admit, I was a little bit hesitant for reasons that he may be that delicate and I may bring a virus to his place haha (knowing that I have my own allergies and always have that sneeze up on my sleeves).  But this Saturday, August 28, 2010 put my hesitations to rest.

My professor, that for the life of me I do not understand why we still hold classes every Saturday when he only teaches for an hour in a supposedly 3-hour class, dismissed us the earliest as usual. I didn’t have anything scheduled that afternoon aside from a lunch and froyo date with my office mates… so I decided to go to this little Angel’s place.

After my lunch and a short walk in the campus, I followed the directions given to me and found their place without getting lost, to my surprise haha. It was such a breath of fresh air seeing him there in his own hospital bed in his very comfy bed room (with a hospital vibe mind you haha – I am not fond of hospitals haha). His mom (mommy tet) greeted me with a big smile – like the usual smile she has whenever I see her in gatherings and happily asked me to come in. There was baby Jon, sleeping so peacefully, first thing I asked was “Did he lose weight?” haha Mommy Tet said they had to put him on a diet because he was having a bit of difficulty in breathing due to the weight (and some other things I could not remember), I was like a curious little preschooler asking Mommy Tet so many questions about Baby Jon, which she happily obliged to answer. I was hoping he will be awake but his mom said he just took some medicines but he gave us a smile that could lift anyone’s spirit up.

Hearing the answers to my questions regarding his situation and how Dadi Joni and Mommy Tet need to be very careful in watching over him made me realized and strengthen my views on a lot of things. Here are a few:

  1. That life is a gift and it shouldn’t be wasted, no matter how and what challenges God may give you.
  2. That there are a lot of people out there willing to extend a helping hand without asking anything in return.
  3. That hope and faith, no matter which form it may be will always be there.
And most importantly:
  1. That no matter how hard things in life could and would be, the parents’ love for a child or their children will never ever falter.

Lets face it, some may say its so hard for Baby Jon and that his situation will not get better anytime soon, but this I will tell you (for those who had the chance to read this), this beautiful little angel has a mission, has a purpose and he is here fighting to fulfill it. Whatever mission he has, whatever purpose God gave him – I am pretty sure he was able to collect a golden star from my visit to add up to his mission/purpose progress report for the lessons and realizations he was able to give me.

I salute his parents for doing such a wonderful job. The love for Baby Jon is unquestionable. This is the  epitome of the unconditional love most of us look for.  I salute them for everything they do for this angel and I am so glad I was able to meet them in this one blissful alley in my road to life. Til my next visit!

If anyone of you would like to get to know him better. Do visit:

If you have been looking for that something that could let your compassionate self out, why not take a chance on meeting this little angel? 

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Where randomness may lead you.

Music: The Fray (shuffled)

Where randomness may lead you.

They say it is more disappointing when things don’t go the way you planned them. You were so focused on getting that goal yet you stumbled and everything just crumbled right before your eyes.

We had our own moments like that, yet most of us never really learned. We still make sure we keep control on the path we have taken that led us to disappointments. I am not saying it’s a bad thing or anything, what I am saying is that when we are so focused on getting things the way we planned it right on the dot, we get to miss things out and eventually result to your plans shattered to pieces.

Life throws a lot of curve balls our way, some choose to dodge them some choose to take a swing; some have people behind them to catch them. These curve balls cause our plans to crumble if we don’t widen our horizons.

I am not perfect in dodging or striking or catching these curve balls, just like everyone I know. But I think I have hit a few home-runs. How? Randomness. It is surprising where our randomness leads us in life. I always believe that the right path is not always going straight, turning left or right and heading straight again, the right path is taking that zigzag road and enjoying every bit of it letting your randomness help you through. The gift of life was given to us not to worry about it but to live it to the fullest and randomness is a part of it.

I love being random most of the time. This is when I get to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Where boundaries do not really exist and where rules are not thicker than that biggest encyclopedia you can find.

My randomness took me to a journey in life where when I get older, I would look back and say I have lived that life and I have enjoyed those moments. One particular example: supporting Anne Curtis-Smith. I have idolized her since her teeny-bopper days as they called it before, (Chubi days as I fondly call it) but only on the sidelines. I never really joined any group or anything. But seeing her last September 2009 during the Ondoy days made me realize how much of a “bigger person” she is. Bigger than the smile she has every single day, bigger than that 2008 Best Actress she got from MMFF for Baler, bigger than the name I see on billboards, movie posters, teleseryes etc. Her care for the people affected by the typhoon clicked that switch in me that made me decide to do everything I can to support her. I have met her a few times just like a random supporter on the side. But her good heart made me realize that I have to be out there and support her all the way. Thus the fANNEatics. This randomness led me to getting to know how much of a good person she is other than her impeccable acting. This randomness does not end yet. And I hope it won’t. There is so much to share and experience.

So, for me being random has a lot of advantages to it. It leads you to magical things, events, places and people so to speak. Be random and don’t be afraid to enjoy every bit of it. Because one day, youll be able to say: I have lived.

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