Monday, October 25, 2010


Music: A Fine Frenzy (shuffled)

This isn't my artwork: credit to whoever owns this beautiful drawing. states everything I feel about music.

I think there are two kinds of people when it comes to music. One, those who can make beautiful music - composers, singers, performers and there comes the second kind, those who can appreciate good, honest to goodness beautiful music (no matter which genre). 

My mom told me, “you have a good voice anak.” Well, of course my mom would tell me that since she is the one who gave birth to me. Haha. But honestly I do not believe so. I am just the so called, second type. Music was not really played that much in the household. Or maybe I was not around that much to hear them played as my sister does have a great voice compared to me and my brother. I was usually out and about when I was younger (thus sporting the skinny look back in my youngin days haha), but I always have this connection with music. I taught myself how to play the guitar, no I am not that great I could just play some simple songs – if I pursued it I coulda been, mom was so proud when she heard me playing the guitar for the first time, I could never forget that look she had on her face.

Fast forward, music has been part of my life since I could remember. It just hits the spot. There are songs that certainly do provide that “soundtrack of the moment” for you and you cannot help but smile even though you’re feeling a bit down. The other day, I was having this confused state (for whatever reason – maybe I just had too much of school and work combined) decided to just play some songs and stumbled upon Hillsong United and I played it on and on. That song was “Take All of Me”. That saved the moment.

Music provides that rainbow of emotions which you can never explain fully or share to everyone in full. Anyway, all I am saying:

1. I cannot sing (well I could try to save my life and someone elses) but I don’t have that diamond voice. 

2. Songs are short stories of our moments molded in 3 and half minutes or so with melodies.

3. We all have those music notes flowing through our veins. No matter how much discouragement we get from other people, that we cannot sing and we cannot carry a tune. Who cares? As long as it gives you that satisfaction and that blissful feeling, why not sing your heart out right?

4. That there are songs perfectly crafted to fit our very moment “the soundtrack of the moment” so I call it. No matter how down we are, how happy or whatever we are feeling, somewhere someone out there have that same feeling whenever you play certain songs. 

5. Music bridges everyone. The airwaves serve as the beacon of light that touches our hearts in every angle possible. 

With that (knowing this is so random and I don’t even know if this made sense at all. haha =p) I leave this entry with this: 

“Cause all we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful

And in the end the words won't matter
'Cause in the end nothing stays the same
And in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain”

“All We Are” – Matt Nathanson

Every day is start of something beautiful, we should always have that hope, have that moment to live have that courage to go through it all even though sometimes it is hard, because in the end nothing stays the same. Not even that lake where you threw your stone. We should dream, as dreaming means living, love as much as we should as it fuels our hearts and live as long as we can because life is that kind of adventure everyone should not sit out.

That is music. That is the story. That is the soundtrack of the moment.


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