Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Blast From the Past (hahaha)

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I am supposed to be studying right now but I am taking a little break from it (although, I think I have taken one too many breaks for the past week haha). When I was cleaning my room the other month, I found pieces of paper (scratch/torn out) ones with scribbles on it. You see, whenever I am bored I write stuff: quotes, whatever I have in mind, poems (YES I DO WRITE THEM haha), short stories, essays or just doodles. I admit I get creative whenever I am bored, which I think gives me both an advantage and disadvantage. I found this piece of paper when I was throwing away stuff that has been "collected" for the past years - I do clean my room often, its just that I have a thing of letting some stuff go. Anyway, this dates back maybe a little over 5 years (yes, that notebook was THAT old). It's just funny that's why I am posting this crazy entry I found. I am happy that I found it funny now because I know I am not "bitter" anymore. hahaha. I can finally say its THE PAST. 

Here goes:

Everyone was eager to see how the relationship would flourish
Most of their friends pushed them to meet and hop on the get to know you better stage
The walks they were manipulated to take
The talks they did not want to break
The dinners they always made
It was all surreal, perfect, priceless.

It was drizzling when they had their first walk home
The girl did not mind not being alone
The boy was so shy that it showed
But they were not alone, coz their friends followed them home.

The couple took it from there
Started talking to each other 
Shared and enjoyed music and movies together
Even exchanged novels that could make them feel like awesome readers

The girl was amazed
How can all the things she loves to do
Be found in one single soul?
It was a sign she did not take for granted
She found the guy she ever wanted

Things fell into place
The two started their lover's craze
Did everything normal couple do
They even said their sweet I love you's.

Ahhhh to be young and in love. Well I am stopping my entry to that as the rest is just too cheesy. Hahahaha

Goodnight everyone, may those who are in love stay in love. May those who are finding love, find love, may those who are trying to move on, can fully move on and may those who are a little bit bitter, may you find the sweetness in being single and enjoying life. 

Being single is different from being alone. I have my friends and family who are dear and special to me. I am Single is just a status that you can change when the time comes. I can live and enjoy the single life, but I can never enjoy being alone in this world. If that made sense at all. haha

Celebrate life and its magical moments! Its those little moments that make our life whole. 

Love and let love. Live and let live.

Peace out!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where to?

Music: Stars, Snow Patrol, She & Him, The Fray (Shuffled)

For the past 2 and half years, I have been taking classes for my masters (Industrial Relations). I took the entrance exam last august 2007 thinking that I needed to do something with my life, improve my craft and yes be more marketable when I plan to switch jobs/companies. I wasn’t too sure I was going to get in due to the fact that I am trying to get in the University of the Philippines – but I did. 2 and half years later, here I am days before the comprehensive exam (this will happen on the 25th and 27th of January), thinking what have I been doing? What have I been studying? Will I be able to get the answers right? And the biggest question there is, will I pass and graduate this April? 

It is like I am taking a step back on everything and reassessing them. I have been asking myself if I chose the right profession, am I in the right place, or am I really cut out for this. 

Classes were a breeze for the past 2 and half years. I didn’t have a hard time understanding what was taught but of course I struggled to manage the time because I am working and studying at the same time. I have to take 6 units every semester, 3 hours straight every class each week – mostly Saturdays. I don’t know how I was able to get through it, how I managed to submit papers on time and take the exams. Maybe it was the determination to “not to fail, embarrass and disappoint myself” after all, I am the one paying for my own tuition fees. 

After this, I ask myself where will I go. Should I take another class or anything else to improve myself, face it, I am going to be honest – things get boring for me when I do something over and over again. Kind of like having Einstein’s meaning of insanity in mind – being insane is doing things over and over and expecting a different result. 

Or probably I am getting the nerves working and bothering me thinking that I have not been preparing for the exam – which really I have not. This is just the online rant and a way to actually relax myself.

One thing is for sure, I know what to answer that question “where to?” – I am looking up to God and going to ask for His guidance. To God be the Glory. 

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Curve Balls in Life

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not my picture/artwork: copyright if existing solely belongs to the owner

“It’s the curve balls in life that make us stronger, wiser and better. Don’t dodge, just hit it” – this was my status in FB and posted it on my twitter update this morning. I received a text message from my sister last night. She went back to the province Saturday morning to attend to one of her best friend’s wedding, but instead of letting me how the wedding went, I received a bad news that one of the oldest people in our area had died. She was my mom’s Godmother, I used to stay in her place when I was a kid, and her daughter Tita Ruby (who is in the US now and was not able to come home) used to take care of me when I was a toddler. Their place was the extension of my playground. The last time I saw Mamay was last November during my cousin’s wake. I just  said my hello’s and answered her few questions regarding my current situation. I never would have expected that it would be the last. 

I started this blog with that because I have been thinking, life gives you a lot of surprises, a lot of curve balls a lot of challenges. It is only a matter of what your perception of the situation is. Death doesn’t write just the end of life, it starts a whole new beginning of life.

Another year has unfolded, a few months later I will be a year older and come to think of it, I have not done much on the list that I have provided myself to achieve. Sometimes it frustrates us all that we have not achieved what we want in life. That a lot of curve balls have been thrown to us but only a few decide to take the hit to make that home run. A lot give up, a lot lose faith, a lot goes through the cyclic game having in mind that this time it would be different, when it is not. 

Fragility is one of those consequences of not being able to accept the curve balls in life and make the most out of the situation. We start to break when we think there is no sense of reason anymore when in fact, it was just a test of life. I usually tell myself, I will never know the meaning of success unless I know what failure means. 

I started with losing someone I know because like I said, death never really writes just the ending of life, it writes a new beginning. That again made me realize that sitting and thinking about what I want to do and not acting on it is just a big waste of time. 2011 is here. I have been in existence since 84 – tho I don’t seem to think so (hahaha), it is time to conquer and make use of this God given gift that is life. 

Appreciate the curve balls in life everyone. Life is a beautiful ball game, an awesome adventure. LIVE.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Year that Was 2010

Music: Shuffled – Dashboard Confessional, Katy Perry, Pixie Lott, Stars, All American Rejects

the fun trip in Siquijor via Dumaguete

For various reasons unknown, this blog has been updated once or twice per month for the past year. I will not dwell too much on that but instead put my brain cells into good use in remembering the year 2010 if possible by month. The high and the lows, the curve balls, homeruns and anything else in between. Let us see if my memory serves me right and if the cells left in my brain are those healthy ones because God knows I have lost a few along the way, they committed suicide one by one. Haha


I don’t remember much about this month seeing as it’s the furthest but I will never forget January 28, 2010. This day, at MOA, I met Anne Curtis-Smith. It was the day when I decided that hiding behind the computer and posting on twitter has had enough attention and its time for me to finally do something to meet her (of course through the awesome fambam fANNEatics and through the Midas touch Ann Lim has haha). It was the day where that “got tweets? @annecurtissmith “ -  the so called twitter shirt made it to the hands of Ms. Bankable Dyosa Anne. Couldn’t believe my eyes of how gorgeous and how down to earth Anne was (though I already know how big her blessed heart is). Aside from that, I couldn’t help but enjoy the playlist she had that night blasting though her mini portable speaker and ipod.  Thing is, I enjoy the same genre as much as she does, but I kept my mouth shut. I am not too sure but I heard MEW, STARS, PHOENIX and perhaps BLOC PARTY in there somewhere. Haha

I thank the heavens (if there are more known to spiritually inclined people) for that day and of course the individuals who made it happen. It was a fun month ender.


Yet again another Bankable Dyosa experience, Anne’s birthday bash on Feb 17 at showtime. I had the opportunity to hang out with a few of the fanneatics that would serve as new additional people on my phonebook, facebook, twitter and friends list in 2010!

This was also a month where all the crazy things happened in the office. Well it was a start.


My birthday month! I turned 26 which to my surprise didn’t feel as much bad as I thought I would be during that day. I had a blast really during this month because it was all, birthday dinner there, birthday dinner here and a lunch plus a night with the pals in karaoke in which I, for the life of me, sang Andrew Ford Medina with matching video to prove that I did sing the hook on that song. Hahaha fun times!


Busy busy month, had so much thing to do at work which include revamping the survey for the whole company and providing a different take on the analysis part. Went to Baguio to conduct the survey and for a few presentation. I love going to Baguio and just walk around alone. Its good walking around there alone, makes you think about things because the weather and the mood helps.

This was also the month where a birthday celebration packaged in a fun karaoke showered with nachos night created such a big impact on the “issue based world” of the ever imaginative people I know from the concrete jungle, creating waves of merry making in the demise of someone innocent. Here is something for you (I know you won’t be able to read this awesome entry) You suck!


This was a fun month! It was this time of the year where I had the chance to finally cross borders (not my own town) and explore the other parts of Asia. It was fun walking around Malaysia and Singapore. I have been longing of exploring parts of the world and have planned of which places I need to go before I die (not that I am following that famous book which is also a show in the TLC channel). It was fun traveling backpacking style. Not much of things with you just some clothes and your very reliable camera.

The trip made me appreciate our own country more. That we can compete with these flourishing countries when it comes to tourism because there is nothing like the Philippines.

June, July, August

Not much that I remember from these months except that in August it was the height of In Your Eyes adventures. Which resulted to my colleagues, including my boss, watching the special screening in Greenhills as well as another manager asking me why he wasn’t invited hahaha.


I went home this month to Albay with my 2 managers. What was supposed to be a 3 day roaming around acting like a tourist was squeezed into a day because our unit head wanted to reach her reunion in Naga. It was a very tiring trip for me. I missed my flight by a mere 5 mins resulting to me having to book a flight to a place 3 hours away from my hometown. All of these will be read in my September entry.

This was the last time I saw my cousin, Rene, alive. I miss him dearly.


It passed by like it was normal. I don’t have much on this in my head right now. Unless I have an entry somewhere in the 2010 archive that proves otherwise.


A month of despair and hard work. This was the month where my life seemingly took the 360 degrees!

November 8, I lost my dear cousin. I just saw him in September, he cleaned the house for me and made sure everything was in order when I and my managers get there. I never knew it will be the last laugh I will be having with him, the last breakfast, lunch and dinner, the last brotherly /sisterly fight we will ever have and the last time he will ever wake me up that early for breakfast. I miss him. Coincidentally, the flight I took lead me to gate 118, which was the same day he died. I still cant believe that he is gone now. Whenever I think of him, its like he is just back home doing his usual things to do waiting for us to come home. I miss you terribly Manoy!

This month made me take that trip to Siquijor and Dumaguete. I needed the healing trip to figure out how I can turn things around. The trip helped a chunk load. Made me appreciate so much things in life. The places were magical and somewhat had helped in my healing process.


God works in mysterious ways. I guess this was His way to compensate a little for whatever I was going though in November. I wanted to win the laptop in our corporate Christmas party but instead I won the grand prize. I got the 42 inches LCD HDTV. I guess, God gives you a way to remind you that not every moment in your life will end up in despair (in whatever level that may be).

Spent Christmas with my cousin Claudine and her kids as well. It was a fun December. A month of healing and moving on.

I am pretty sure less people would even bother reading this. Perhaps it would just be me. Well its fine. At least when this blog gets older, it will remind me of how the year 2010 went down in my life.

2011 is just starting but I can now feel the rush of all the things I have to do. But one thing I just wish and want to make it happen, I want to graduate this April. I want to pass the comprehensive exam this January 25th and 27th. So for all of you who made it to this very last paragraph, please be my prayer warrior and help me ask God to guide me in that exam and let me end up with PASS on both.

Thank you 2010! Bring on 2011! I know you will be very exciting! Mom and big brother will be home in September. We are taking that long overdue family trip! Cant wait!

Peace out!

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