Friday, May 18, 2012

Fleeting Moments

fleeting moments....

we all have those very fleeting moments... just so happens that they come sooner for others....

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Say Anything" - Tristan Prettyman

(I do not own this)

This song topples all my favorite songs and mark itself in the top spot. It is exactly my soundtrack of what I am going through right now. Like what I have previously posted in my entries here.

"Say Anything" - Tristan Prettyman
(credit to owner of the video)

"Say Anything"

by Tristan Prettyman

If I could say anything, anything
What would it be?
a good question for a distant reality
i would tell you that i love you
even when it didn't show
oh i would tell you that i love you baby,
by now i hope you know.

if you could go anywhere, anywhere

what would you see?
take a step in any direction,
it's make believe
if your mind is always moving
its hard to get your heart up off the ground
oh yeah, your mind was always moving
your thoughts never made a sound

we won't break if we let go

coz you and i already know
we were bound to be set free
eventually, so here we are now
you can say anything

if i could have it go any way, any way

it'd go like this
take it back to a couple years yesterday
to our first kiss
in that moment i loved you
this isn't how i ever saw it going down
oh in that moment i loved you
i wish i knew then what i know now.

we won't break if we let go

you and i already know
we were bound to be set free
eventually here we are now
you can say anything x3

you should you listen to your heart

(you should listen to you your heart)
it's gonna tell you what you need
(it's gonna tell you what you need)
take care of yourself
(take care of yourself)
don't you worry about me
(don't you worry about me)

you should you listen to your heart

(you should listen to you your heart)
it's gonna tell you what you need
(it's gonna tell you what you need)
take care of yourself
(take care of yourself)
don't you worry about me
(don't you worry about me)

we won't break if we let go

you and i already know
we were bound to be set free
even surely, here we are now
you can say anything x4
always say anything 

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Run Forest Run

I can run like Forest Gump with these new pair of crafty shoes.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Question I Ask Myself.....

The question I ask myself when I am in a state of finding out what is in store for me, which is most of the time.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Listen to Your Heart

This post will be different from the rest of my posts. Something that I can try mixing up.... 

"Listen to your heart, its gonna tell you what you need." - Tristan Prettyman.

I have had that line in my heart and mind for the past few days now.  Excerpt from her song "Say Anything".

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Open Letter to Tristan Prettyman

credit: Metal Rockz
Dear TP,

You don’t know me and I am pretty sure you would only know my existence (if ever) when you read this. But I am not banking much on that really as there are thousands of other people I battle with for a second of your time on twitter (I have hopes in my heart though). Anyway, here goes nothing.

I came across you and your music through a friend from San Diego sometime around 2005. As kids back then, we talked about music and other crazy stuff our age would discuss with other friends online. Seeing that we all live thousands of miles apart, them being in the US and I being here in the Philippines, messengers were the thing and not twitter nor facebook (though FB was already getting a little bit of attention). Sharing music was an integral part of our conversations, going through itunes purchasing them or just merely sending it through the messenger (but the shared song was paid for just to let you know haha). I fell in love with your artistry/musicality the moment I heard your song “Love, Love Love”.

You see, being 21 that year and going to be freshly out of university in a few months without knowing really what the universe has for me, that all these people older than me have build up expectations, songs became my guide. These spoke to me:

And this life is a beautiful one
And though I seen it comin undone
Well I know most definitely
It always works out the way it’s meant to be
So baby keep your head up
Keep it on the up and up
And know now cause you got all my
Love love love

Indeed, life is a beautiful one and everything would come to its rightful place. That these expectations from my family and friends would work out. Studying in one of the top universities in the country and graduating from it, you cannot stop people from assuming and even expecting that you would land a perfectly good job from the top companies in the country/world. Disappointing them kept me up on my toes, but mostly I think I had to admit that disappointing me was worse than disappointing them really. Like people my age, I was at loss of where I needed to be, who I can be and when these all would happen. I kept it to myself. But your songs, especially, “Love, Love Love” helped in a way that if ever I mess up, these people with the very expectations of me, will always have that love for me no matter what, that if ever I disappoint myself, I needed to keep my head up high because their love will prevail. That they would not let me go just like that, that they would accept all the decisions I make and support me, that they would come around sooner than I hope they would be after all that is done.  

7 years later, here I am again, thinking I am just sailing through the motions. I needed a nudge to reality. That I am losing touch of whom I really should be or where I ought to be. We never really cannot know, can we? I would like to think that I am not alone at this little space I am in. That probably there would be people other than myself experiencing this, whether they call this adventure soul searching or just finding a place in this so called universe.

Yesterday, May 13, 2012 (happy mothers day to your mom btw) I had my Sunday free so I browsed through some blog sites after I finished reading a book - which has not been like that for quite some time due to work and other engagements and that includes finishing a book really. I stumbled upon yours, gone through your posts and read all what you have written. Then like a tumbleweed with no direction at all that day, I saw the video you shared about “Say Anything” (forgive me I have not been keeping up with a lot of things, thus mentioning earlier that I think I was just sailing through the motions).

I had to replay that video up on youtube over and over again to bask in the lyrics and the message that you are sending to me. You see, I am in a possible crossroad in my life (although it’s not in black and white yet nor 100% sure as of the moment) and though your song is about telling people/person dear to us that we love them/him/her. Say Anything, meant differently for me especially these:

we won't break if we let go
you and I already know
we were bound to be set free
eventually (?), here we are now
you can say anything

you should listen to your heart
it's gonna tell you what you need

I have not listened to my heart for a while now. Going back through my choices in life, I can possibly count how many times I used, “I THINK” in all those decisions. That my heart was not heard most of the time. That I need to let go of some of the things my mind is holding against my heart, that I should listen to it more often because we can never be truly happy if our hearts are not in the right place. Maybe that is when we can truly say we are content of where and who we are.

This crossroad, where I am right now, Say Anything could be my soundtrack. It is a song for me not for anyone else. That telling my self, I love you would bring clarity when that crossroad becomes in print right in front of me, holding it in my bare hands and reading through the words asking me to make the decision on which direction to take.

What I am driving at with this is, I want to thank you Ms. Tristan Prettyman with all my heart. That no matter how far I am actually from where you are, your message (in one way or another) came across and broke the distance. I know this is felt by many other people who appreciate you and dearly respect the person you are, but I wanted to say it out loud. Your music never fails me. That is just two parts of my life written in here where you have injected clarity through your music. With all my heart I thank you.

Like I said, I wouldn’t be really banking on you reading this. But you bet I am crossing all my fingers including the toes in the hopes that my thank you, no matter how small would reach you.

Please continue making music that inspires – and I still appreciate those not so up beat ones by the way. I am one of those that can signify the effect you have on us. That one day, I hope in this lifetime, I would meet you and like a little fangirl, go giddy in that very moment.

You change hearts, Tristan Prettyman. You do. So thank you very much for the music. I heard you and I listened.

With utmost love and respect,

(from miles and miles away)

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's One of Those Days Again......

28.  2 years shy of joining the others in their 30’s. Twenty-eight does seem like a long ass time but I don’t feel any close to being 28 even though my birth certificate says so. Right as this very moment, I, to be exact in years, months and days, am 28 years, 1 month and 26 days old. Although in the past years, months, weeks, days I hadn’t actually felt my age really. I did not act like I was in that age. In my mind, my body can always endure like that of how my 13 year old self could. I can run for a couple of kilometers only stopping because my rib cage hurt. But I can’t seem to do that anymore. Maybe its because of lack in training like I used to or maybe its just that my body has taken its toll.

Yes, some of you may argue that age is nothing but a number that being young is in the heart and mind. But these days, that does not seem to give me much grasp on reality really. As I sail through the days, of my 28th year of existence in this borrowed gift of life (bless the Lord for bestowing me such gift), I wonder what am I really here to sail for. Should I just move through the motions or go against it? 
It seemed like for the past 5 years or so, I have lost touch of who I wanted to be back then. What I pictured my self at this age. I never get passed to thinking of the future where all leads to settling down and raising my own family and being someone in better business suit that I am in today. I guess seeing that I do not act like my age and mostly I just do not keep track of it because I still firmly believe I cannot waste my youth on being just young.

Keeping track of time, that is not really my cup of tea. I do not like keeping track of time because that would mean that I am losing so many minutes in life not cementing myself of what I hoped to be.  To be honest, I never really cared to much of the days, the weeks, the months, the years.  You may question my sanity on this but that is the truth. I love keeping track of birthdays, but never the age of people, to me they will always be like the people they were during the very first time I met them. That time that has passed really does not mean a thing.

I know I would get slapped by reality when one day I wake up and I cant properly get up because my back is so sore the body has given up for all what I have put it through when I was young and abled. That when I look at the mirror to brush my teeth, or wash my face, I could map out the years that had gone by on my face through those memorable lines.

We go allowing the universe to set the phase for us, well for most of us. I am sure I give the universe the freedom to set mine. That by cosmic interventions everything will be in its place like what it’s supposed to be. It always like that for me, everything settles in to its actual place in my life. Then maybe because I hadn’t really fully grasped of how many days I have spent in this lifetime.  That if you fully count, it could be one too many compared to others.

Where am I supposed to be? What am I supposed to do really? What can change me? Have I changed? Has the change actually mattered? Am I capable enough in life that the parallel universe conspired to allow me to think like this? To keep going at the rate I am going? Where would this all lead to? Would I be accepting if I am in that actual time?

I am one too little about regret. I have that in my body once or twice but I usually shrug it off because like I said earlier, I was not one to count too many that I really go figure out what the universe has set for me. 

 Say Anything  - Tristan Prettyman

Like what TP said or sang:

“we won't break if we let go
you and i already know              
we were bound to be set free        
even truely, here we are now  
you can say anything”

“you should say anything you could say anything,
you should listen to you your heart
it's gonna tell you what you need
take care of youself
don't you worry about me”

I guess, it is time yet again for life re-evaluation and letting go because at the end of it all, I am bound to be set free and the universe will once again set the phase for me.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

June Marieezy: My New Favorite Soul (Indie) Girl

Music: June Marieezy (MySpace Stream/Soundcloud/Youtube)

Labor day was not actually a rest day for my sister and I. I was so set to make use of this day free from the concrete jungle day for music from the scorchy afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. That just actually happened because I was given a media pass (thank you When In Manila and Manila Music Festival and a plus one of course for my sister, Jen, who actually helped me take pictures of “me” haha. 

Manila Music Festival (I wrote an entry: and ) is the first ever music fest in Manila which turned out to be very exciting for all festival lovers out here in the Metro. I missed out on the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival for 2 years in a row due to the location and difficulty in getting people to join me as I have very limited number of friends who are into music fests or indie bands plus the schedule at work always messes up my game. So this time, with or without media pass I was dead set on going to this fest to be part of this momentous event in Manila.

I must warn you though this is not going to be entirely about the fest, I will have a separate post about it. As you can see its about one artist who caught my ears that day and eyes coz she was “water-gunning” people all over come late at night haha. Here are some pictures I took during her performance. As always, please do not steal my photos, I worked hard taking and editing them, you can share but please don’t take out my watermark. Thanks a bunch. Anyway, here we go:

Who is June Marieezy? June is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas who is now residing in Manila, Philippines since 2008. Manila’s underground indie scene challenged her RNB style to a burst of genres from rock, soul, jazz, and experimental. Manila’s culture itself has a big impact on June’s writing influences while she falls in love with her country, learns how to cope with the dirty city, and alternatively sips on coconut juice on the surreal islands. Since 2008, she has been in an alternative rock band called Good Morning High Fives. But a girl from the South simply cannot be satisfied without her soul and hip hop roots. That is where she calls home to Deeper Manila.

That’s taken out from her website and manila music fest line up profile.

At first, I really was not too sure what to expect since it would be the first time I’ll be seeing her perform. I heard about her and saw her name but never really had the chance to listen to her songs. Boy was I dead wrong about it. Sorry for sleeping way too long in the sewers, June. I got out of it the second you sang! When it was her set, people started gathering near the main stage, this was an indication that the next performer would be worth the standing and losing the personal space a person dearly loves. Some random guy also started shouting, “I Love You”! I couldn’t blame him, what is there not to love about her as an artist? Besides she was easy on the eyes for a lot of the guys out in the field too. Then others started requesting songs, which I knew nothing about (yeah, you can kick me in the shins).

Her set was perfect. All performers were great but hers was my top favorite. It was my little perfect infinite moment that day. Great lyrics, great melody, great voice and great songs during the most perfect and my personal favorite time of the day, the sun setting. She sounded like a toned down Erykah Baduh while the sun was setting. Well that is just me. I will definitely get the EP soon as I get my weekend off. June Marieezy is definitely my new indie soul girl. I am a fan!

So guys, appreciate our own, to know more about her check these links out to give your ears a beautiful delight, they deserve it.

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