Friday, September 14, 2012

Graffiti in Cebu

Graffiti Art in Cebu

As you may all know (well if you don't), I am currently in Cebu for a conference which would mean a life of hotel room-function-room-hotel room. That was the life for the past 3 days and I just had to get some sun shine, so went out and bought some stuff. I happened to pass by a street with this graffiti art. I like it. It is not Banksy I know but still good. I rarely see graffiti like this, mostly just texts, wordings or some random logo without any art at all, just pure vandalism. This one was a refreshment.


  1. this is not just "still good" this is pretty much awesome and quite technical. these guys got some skills!

    1. thank you for seeing/saying/pointing that. oit im very sure that UBEC's (i was told that's the group's name) art is great by technicality, artistry and content thus me throwing some respect and and appreciation for their work. Likewise also making a comparison to another's artwork thus the "still good" phrase, nothing demeaning meant by it. =) thanks for dropping by.