Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boysen KNOxOut: EDSA Pillars Air Purifiers

Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA

Are you an everyday commuter like me? Whether you own a car or you enjoy the hustle and bustle in public transportation, you are one of the millions of enjoy the benefits of modern commuting. What if you are EDSA that technically shoulders you and the rest of the millions of people including PUVs suffocating 24 hours a day, seven days a week? What would you do?

 EDSA Pillars Air Purifiers (Boysen KNOxOUT)

According to the joint study by World Bank and DENR – Philippine Environment Monitor, air pollution in Metro Manila causes almost 14 (avoidable) deaths per day, or about 5,000 premature deaths a year. In addition, Synovate (2004) showed in their study that 98% of Manila residents are affected by air pollution and 50% would want to move to a less polluted place.

Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA

Like you and the rest of the people who aim for a better air quality in the Metro for ourselves and our families, Boysen – the country’s biggest paint company, in coordination with Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has engaged the services of the curatorial team TAO Inc. composed of Marian Pastor Roces, Judy Freya-Sibayan and Adrian Jones to commission different artists such as Jose Tence Ruiz, Asuncion “Baby” Imperial and Damien “Coco” Anne, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, TBWA, Neal Oshima, Erika Tan and Tapio Snellman for their Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA, a project that aims to lessen the air pollution in the major areas in the city.

Erika Tan for Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA

Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA has several art works in strategic areas in the city, the 4th of the series is from the Dutch-Indonesian, London-based artist and curator, Erika Tan transformed EDSA (Tramo area) Pillars as air purifiers. Statistics and art combined, the pillars show the numbers of pollution brought in the middle of EDSA from different cities in the Metro and cross referencing it to other countries.

To know more about the Boysen KNOxOUT: Project EDSA, its artists, the concept behind it and the air cleaning paint Boysen KNOxOUT, please visit

Photo Courtesy: Boysen 

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