Monday, January 14, 2013

Warm Bodies

 Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies  
Official First 4 Minutes

I read this book within a day. I knew there was going to be a major motion picture adaptation but I had prolonged reading it. I got hooked to some of the books that I needed to finish before this. 

One thing I would like to say, please do not keep comparing it to Twilight. It is in no angle the same as those books!

Warm Bodies Official Trailer

Anyway, here are some stuff you need to know:

1. It is a romantic comedy movie/story about the Dead boy (half dead) and the Living girl.

2. "Julie" is not a damsel in distress. Which is always a major plus for me. I usually favor characters who can fight for their lives.

3. "R" while he is "dead", is actually witty and buzzing with "life". Go figure. :)

4. Ellipses are cool....... I use it every single moment I could.....

5. It teaches to live life and don't be a "boney".

6. Love, no matter how cliche it sounds, can make the world go round.

7. I never understood why Zombies are always associated to "brains....." Blame Plants vs. Zombies haha just kidding. The book did say why they love eating brains. Not that I believe it or anything. Surprisingly, the other Warm Bodies movie poster actually shows that "R" is holding flowers, those arent sun flowers tho but daisies. hahaha

8. Rarely do I find a story/book that is written in a point of view of the male protagonist. Major points.

9. Surprisingly, it does not have a lot of those cheesy moments (the way I grasped the story line). I'm not going to spoil the book.

10. Love cures. Nuff said.

Again, DO NOT compare it to Twilight.

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