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Overnight Stay in Labuan, Malaysia

Sunset in Labuan, Malaysia

I was planning on having just a two-part travel post about my 6-day trip last March 26-April 1, 2013, one for Brunei and the other for Kota Kinabalu, but I have got to pay heed to Labuan, Malaysia. Now this may not be the usual stop over for most traveling to Kota Kinabalu from Brunei. But I have to give it space here in my blog. No, the beach was not comparable to Kota Kinabalu, to Boracay or to Palawan for that matter but we appreciated our overnight stay here. 

Low Tide: Labuan, Malaysia

We were so tired from our travels and our 1 day stay in Brunei that before we left the Philippines, we had to make sure we stay in Labuan for 1 day, just to rest and get some energy. This was our purpose, to relax and not rush into anything. So here is how we got to Labuan via Brunei and our relaxing stay in Papaya’s Beach Lodge.

Check these Tips in Traveling Brunei to have an idea of how our 1-day stay in Brunei went:

Labuan's Locals

Please have in mind that we came from Jalan Gadong so we took the Bus 55 heading to Bandar with BND1 as fare. This took us about 30 minutes as Bus 55 stops at every bus stop. Basically, if you are coming from Gadong make sure that you leave your hotel early if you want to make it to the 9:15AM Ferry trip but if you were like us, we got the 1PM ferry trip to Labuan Malaysia.

How to go to Labuan, Malaysia from Brunei:

  • From Gadong take the Bus 55 to Bandar BND 1 fare that would take 30-35 minutes travel time.
  • We couldn’t find the bus that goes straight to Maura from Gadong, so we just took the bus in Bandar heading to Muara. The bus station for this is the last Bus stop for Bus 55. The trip cost us BND 1 too. This would take 1 hour or so as the Bus to Muara goes around most stops.
  • This bus does not take you directly to the Ferry Terminal but would stop at a place where most buses stop. Sorry I was not able to see the name of the place, stick to Maura as its name. They will transfer you to another bus that would take you to the Ferry Terminal. This will not cost you anything, as this is included in the fare you paid for from Bandar. Thing is, you have to wait for a little while for another bus to arrive to get passengers in as well.
  • The bus at the stop over, will take about 10 minutes to head to the Ferry Terminal. Waiting was longer than the ride itself. Enjoy the ride. 
  • Heading to Labuan would cost you BND 15 for the ferry fare and BND 2 for Terminal Fee/Tax totaling to BND 17.
  • Travel to Labuan from Maura Brunei would take you about an hour or so. We thought it was going to be longer. We got the 1PM trip. Be sure to check the terminal schedules before you leave your hotel or you plan out before heading to Labuan. This would help you with your travel time. 
  • We reached Labuan about 2PM or so there, we made sure that we checked the ferry schedules heading to Kota Kinabalu before we left for Papaya’s Beach Lodge. Get your tickets for Kota Kinabalu too while you can so that you would not have to line up the next day. Labuan is Duty Free so chocolates are somewhat cheaper. You can already buy your treats for the family here.
  • There is a taxi bay at the Ferry Terminal in Labuan, going to Papaya’s Beach Lodge would cost RM 22.50 and would be about 15 minutes ride.

Papaya's Beach Lodge

Labuan is peaceful and it was a great stop over for us. We may not have roamed around the center but the Papaya’s Beach Lodge offered us the best place.

If you want to stay in Labuan for the night you can reach Jeff or J-O haha.

Papaya's Beach Lodge

Papaya’s Beach Lodge: Nagalang Jalan Kerupang 1 Labuan F.T, East Malaysia. Telephone Nos.: +6 016 585 5801 and +6 091 850 1590 email: . Trust me when I say, the people there were so chill and accommodating and the room was great.

Check this link on how we got to Kota Kinabalu from Labuan:

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