Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese

The Angels Got Cheesy with New Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese Pizza is heaven and heaven is cheese. The Angels are at it again with Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's new Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza -- freshly-baked dough pizza topped with garlic and loaded with 5 classic cheeses; cheddar, pizza cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and feta.

Available in Medium Pizza - a 9' inch thick good for 2-3 persons at Php299, Family Pizza - 12'inch thick good for 4-5 persons at Php429 and Big Family - a 14'inch thick good for 6-7 persons at Php529 and Thin Crust Pizza 14'inch thin good for 6-7 persons, the Angels Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza will satisfy your cravings of coagulated and curdled milk we all know as cheese.

Not just two or three cheeses, the Angels Pizza's Garlic and Cream Cheese has five to let you savor the different aroma and texture of cheeses you've been dreaming of. You don't need to order pizza taking away all those toppings you don't like to leave out just the cheese. You don't really need to add the feta and Parmesan when served with veggie and meat pizzas now with Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's new Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese. It’s all here. All five cheeses you've always thought was your idea of a perfect pizza. It's every cheese-lover's delight to bite into Angels' Creamy Garlic and 5 Cheese Pizza, baked to perfection, best shared with family or friends. You'll never go wrong with cheese perfect for dates, gatherings and family bonding.

Oh yes, the heaven sent Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's Classic Spaghetti with Garlic Bread and Apple Turnover Your prayers have been answered. The heavens must've been listening when you asked for your favorite pasta with your favorite Angels Pizza Pasta Combo pizzas.

The Angels have finally brought your all-time favorite Classic Spaghetti with Garlic Bread Sticks. A classic Filipino spaghetti with a touch of rich and creamy tomato sauce served with 2 pieces of garlic sticks, Angels' Classic Spaghetti with Garlic Bread Sticks is a hefty serving of pasta for only Php80. It's the home-cooked Filipino-style spaghetti you love because the heavens are all ears for your cravings this rainy season. And the heaven said yes also to that desire for a sweet ending after a delicious pizza and pasta meal at Angels Pizza Pasta Combo.

The Angels Apple Turnover is a traditional recipe of tender and flaky puffed dough with apple filling glazed with butter, reasonably priced at Php70 per piece. Perfect for snack and for people always on-the-go, this new pastry is Angels Pizza Pasta Combo's treat for the sweet tooth in you.

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