Sunday, August 23, 2015

Aldub, What?

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I know the "Aldub, What?" title would perhaps initially elicit two raw emotions from those who have stumbled upon this blog post: 

  • Boiling point temper of those who are super into this tandem (with you people saying, “Humanda to sakin, ipapakilala ko kung ano ang Albub dito.”
  • Sparked curiosity as to what this blog post is all about (“Ano naman kayang pinagsasabi netong taong to.” - ayaw ako dalawin ng antok, so I had to write)
Hold emotions! Especially those who are on the boiling point. I am not writing about Aldub to bash the tandem or be a negatron. We have enough people breathing negativity every single day that’s why I think we owe those with creative minds who helped helm Aldub to what it is today with deepest gratitude.

Let me back track a little. That title, yes the “Aldub, What?” was my initial reaction when I heard some people at the office gushing about these two. I have not been keeping up with the trends lately, believe me I used to breath tweeting like it was a meal way back when and I was always on the loop, but not on this one apparently.

I’m probably one of the seemingly apathetic people you might come across, okay wait, key words “seemingly apathetic”, as people get surprised when I blurt out things like these to them. When I sought their vast knowledge (chos) about Aldub, they started relaying what usually happens on the “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment in Eat Bulaga!, realizing that the Yaya Dub is Maine Mendoza (yes I’ve laughed my arse loud on that viral Kris and Darla Dubsmash) and then Alden Richards, who I know just a little about (being truthful, peace tayo) – I do not watch local TV shows often, my apologies as I am more on a TV series binge watcher type (on long weekends pa or when sleep won’t come easy).

Like most – fuck it (whoops) A LOT of people, I got hooked. Every late afternoon after I appreciated the sunset from my workstation, you’ll get to hear me laughing. My co-workers would say, “Nanonood na ng Aldub yan.” Hey, I need to catch a break too right?

I’ve read/heard some people saying they don’t get why Aldub gets this much hype so I will try to round it off with my own 3 main reasons (for now):

  • Spontaneous Sparks: in my alma mater, we use this word “Sparks” to label a possible beginning of a love story. This was it for Yaya Dub (Maine) and Alden, they had sparks flying all over from the second Maine’s eyes twinkled seeing Alden on the monitor. A lot may have flunked Chemistry in high school or college but these two could make a non-chemist identify a new chemical element just looking at them.

  • Always Game: not referring to any sport but to the attitude of always being game with anything fun. Who could pull off that spontaneous pabebe wave after getting caught off guard with Alden watching you Dubsmash a crazy piece? Salute to Maine for that! I know it has become a part of their jobs but unscripted parts slip off the cracks once in a while and they get to pull it off like they are always game for anything.  

  • Dimples and Twinkling Eyes: oh, warning lang, medyo cheesy na part to (I think, antok na ako). "Bagay" would always be the word that comes out of people’s mouth whenever Aldub gets discussed (Sparks di ba?). For me, the main dead giveaways are those dimples (not Frankie’s, please lang) and those twinkling eyes when there’s real “kilig”. You would notice when things get real on the skit when Alden’s dimples get way too deep while smiling and Maine’s eyes twinkle like its brighter than sunshine. Observe it yourselves come next week, and see how you react when those dimples and twinkling eyes come out, that’s when your own “kilig” comes into play.

I have a few more to spew but I am feeling a little sleepy and I won’t dwell on how gorgeous both are, we all know it already. What are your reasons why Aldub is a phenomenon?

Just writing this because I couldn’t sleep and probably the best time to dust off the blog too. Cobwebs are everywhere on this place.

Thank you Maine and Alden for the escape from all the craziness you give us from Monday to Saturday. I am grateful with the laughter plus kilig that you bestow us earthlings and I have become a big fan. May your individual stars shine brighter than sunshine and their rays cross paths (hopefully very soon) so they could even be brighter. Best of luck with your careers! 

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