10 Years’ Worth of Work

I never thought I would be able to stick it out for 10 years in an organization. 2 or 3 years is already long enough for me. The last job I had, I stayed for 2 years and the job before that I only stayed for a month. But of course they all have different circumstances. Looking at it, my 10 years have not been rainbows and butterflies but a weathered one. I guess when you know how to navigate through different kinds of weather, you’ll be able to handle anything that will be thrown your way. What did I learn from the past 10 years? I’ll try to sum it up to 10 to pay homage to that number.

1. Be bored, but the good kind of boredom. What do I mean by this? I learned that the way I am able to come up with ideas that can be possibly useful are during my down times. Okay let me break it down a little bit more. I get bored with some processes when they are repetitive and when that happens I try to look into how I can improve that process further to make it either easier for the people doing it…

Interview Tips

I just finished another set of interviewing potential candidates for a program in the company. Some of these applicants asked great questions and some actually needed guidance in realizing what they really need to pursue. Some asked for tips for their future interview schedules should they not pass my evaluation. So here are some for your reference if you are need them:

I wrote about 5 Interview Tips for Fresh Graduates here:

In addition to that article, these might also help:

Study the job description (usually it is on the job post) of the vacancy you are applying for, some of the interviewers’ questions may be formulated from the competencies required as well as the possible scenarios the job would possibly entail.

Do not oversell yourself, it is very much going to be evident. There are different ways of discussing what you are capable of and it would eventually show in the interview.

Research for other possibl…

Thirty-Something Struggles

Before anything, thank you to some of you who took time and still taking time to go through the years-old articles here. Hope they are still helping. As mentioned in my last post last January 2018, I have moved some of my writings in my new website: - so any contact in terms of promotions/publishing can be coursed through there as well, if it is travel related press releases. To some of you who have been contacting me in my posted email here, my apologies for not getting back right away or for not getting through them. I have been swamped with work for a while. Anyway the reason for this post is to share some of the struggles some of us thirty-somethings have. Here goes mine, they may not be as sensible as they should be because its almost 1AM here:

Relationships: I cannot imagine where to start with this one. Endless emotional discourse when you are in your 30's. Every gathering whether family or with friends would need update on your relationships.…

Happy New Year! Another Blog Site!


My my, it's been 2 good years of not posting anything here on the blab blog - Happy New Year! I have been away mostly because of adulting and because I needed to figure out certain things in life - serves me a few more posts. I write for the sake of getting my thoughts out there or sometimes to take a break from all the cyclic narratives, perhaps I have just been keeping it all within me these past few months.  Time to up the writing game again I believe. 

I hope, as very few of you who pass by here got the best couple of days of the New Year! I just wanted to dust this off as there were a few comments. By the way, I am rearranging certain posts in my site. I am actually posting more of my travel stories in as I want to have a niche on those things. If you have time, you can check 2 of my "current" posts there. I have been procrastinating but maybe I can move back and forth from here - for personal thoughts and rants and there there for tr…

Understanding KPop Fans

Curiosity has always been one of the things that keep me awake at night. The quest of finding out reasons why people get drawn to certain hobby, person, people, place, groups, genres or anything that consume someone’s affection and attention has always worked my brain double time. I guess this could be associated to why I even continued my degree in Sociology in the first place when I had a chance to study Architecture (I am not great at drawing, just know a thing or two about art haha).
You may be wondering why I started with that little back story, well I got hooked on a few Korean TV Series way back and I spent countless hours waiting for the videos to load to watch them completely. I know some of my friends were hooked on Korean Pop Music (KPop) as well and they spent hours on their fandoms. I got curious as to why a lot of people get addicted on that type of music and I know they get judged on that completely. TV series I would understand a little because there are sub titles and…

Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Maine Mendoza

(c) @mainedcm

I am having a lazy Sunday, which sometimes become a rare commodity. Lazing around, I decided to look through tweets about Maine Mendoza, mentions, her twitter handle, who she follows, what other people say about her, etc. I am no stalker don’t worry, haha I spend my idle time reading, listening to music, writing or sometimes taking photos but I just got curious about her.
I’ve been hooked, like everyone else, on Aldub (thus this wee hours of the morning random blog post But like what Randy David has written on his Inquirer article, I wanted to have a Sociological take on this Phenomenon but I put it aside since the expert already wrote it. He’s an expert, I just took 4 years of Sociology as my degree but never really practiced so I have justification on why I get drawn to her, to Alden, on Aldub. Yes, may expert opinion, safe tayo. Haha.  To sway away fr…

Aldub, What?

 (c) @mainedcm | @aldenrichards02

I know the "Aldub, What?" title would perhaps initially elicit two raw emotions from those who have stumbled upon this blog post: 
Boiling point temper of those who are super into this tandem (with you people saying, “Humanda to sakin, ipapakilala ko kung ano ang Albub dito.”) Sparked curiosity as to what this blog post is all about (“Ano naman kayang pinagsasabi netong taong to.” - ayaw ako dalawin ng antok, so I had to write)Hold emotions! Especially those who are on the boiling point. I am not writing about Aldub to bash the tandem or be a negatron. We have enough people breathing negativity every single day that’s why I think we owe those with creative minds who helped helm Aldub to what it is today with deepest gratitude.
Let me back track a little. That title, yes the “Aldub, What?” was my initial reaction when I heard some people at the office gushing about these two. I have not been keeping up with the trends lately, believe me I us…

The "K" Experience Survey

Hi Everyone,
First of all, thank you for taking time to go through and taking interest of this study. I would just like to inform you that this research is solely based on my curiosity of people’s fascination about KPop. Often I see tweets or facebook statuses of my friends who are very much into this type of music and the activities of the idols that they love. 
This made me think, what really is it that makes people fall in love with this big music scene. My interest has spiked. Knowing that this is very big in South Korea and the rest of the neighboring Asian countries as well as some Western countries, I wanted to know what really is in it.
With that, please take a short period of time answering the questions on the links below. There are two parts; I am only using a freeware that is why I split it into two.  You will remain anonymous and the responses will be analyzed collectively. I will be writing my short paper and post here on my website together with the general responses and …