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What to do on a holiday??

Listenin to: Keith Urban

It's a holiday, while some people are enjoying their long weekend, I am sitting here in front of my laptop writing this and listening to my Keith Urban collection. Anyway, boredom (but I do have a life don't worry) is in the atmosphere again so I might as well write something here, I usually call it.. blabbing.

Last night, I fell asleep in the living room watching TV again - it usually happens I guess its the "coldness and darkness" in the living room that makes me always want to sleep there - well that's another story. I was suppose to sleep late today considering it is a holiday but I woke up 7:30AM and I could not get back to bed. There are three things I could choose to do today (which I have not really decided yet), one friend asked me to join her in this 3 hour conference for women, co-workers asked if I wanted to have lunch and watch a movie afterwards and my other close friends asked me if I wanted to play tennis and drink after (ir…


Music: Mat Kearney
14 years of mandatory schooling (that is for those who are in my country, 16 for others or more) and you would think you have had enough of it. The teachers who seemingly did not want to move their buts to teach new things to their students and just resorted to letting us answer all the exercises in the book. Those annoying classmates you have had who think they were all that (or are all that if you are still in the process of finishing your education) whom you do not want to meet again. That undying crush, the young love, the challenges, your friends,best friends, things that you have loved in school, make everything okay and scratches everything about those teachers and your annoying classmates.
Whenever we have a bad day in school, we wish it to be over. Whenever we have the best, we wish to extend the day and live the moment. School life is all about moments (good or bad) and we have the last say which one is worth remembering and which is worth th…