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Christmas with the Fam!

Music: Bruno Mars and The Temper Trap (In that order)

All the kids are hanging out and playing their PSP’s. My cousin is at the kitchen finishing up all her cooking and I’m right in front of the computer typing this and fixing my playlist (since I busted my laptop, I haven’t updated it yet with my new tunes).
We weren’t really going to have the Christmas eve here in Laguna but my cousin (ate claudine) insisted we have to. See, we lost our cousin last November 8 and it kinda felt like a part of us died. Well it still does feel like that up to now since his birthday is comin this 29th. We miss him dearly. So Ate decided we have to spend time together (even though her freakin house is like a gazillion miles away from where we live haha).
So far, we discussed a lot of things and the stuff that had happened over the past. Great thing about this is that she never gets old with her crazy antics. Shes one of my favorite cousins and I always spent my free days back in the province at her house …

Amazingly Mystical (Siquijor and Dumaguete Trip)

Music: Snow Patrol and She & Him (Shuffled)

Have you ever heard of “Don’t be a stranger in your own country?” Well if you have, then you know what it truly means. For so long I have been dreaming of just going out and experience what the Philippines can offer. I have been to a few. I started traveling at the age of 15, for free, under a different circumstance. I was able to enjoy Bacolod City for free with allowance because I was part of the Badminton Team for my region (played for national games against all the regions in the country). But I did not enjoy it much due to so many constraints. Still I dream of being in another place and another.
I told myself that I wouldn’t go out of the country unless I visit the places I wanted to be here in the Philippines but that did not happen. Instead I crossed borders first before enjoying what the country has to offer me.
This time was different. I was contemplating on not going due to the fact that I just lost my cousin a week before the s…

Mt. Maculot Adventure (Cuenca Batangas)

Music: Hanson (Yes! It’s on shuffle haha. I still have this crush with Taylor Hanson – so bite me.)

It was so random, our IT friends were just joking and asked whether we want to go join them on their next climb. Feeling the need to run away from everything that connects me to work and the city, I agreed.
Friday, October 29th I reached Batangas (only to sleep over at my friend’s house to get ready for the next day). It was cold that night which reminded me of Albay. I never really get enough good sleep whenever I am in the city. There is always something to worry about in the morning or the fear of not being able to finish the tasks that need to be done. Saturday came and we were off to start our climb. We came in 2 hours late to the surprise of everyone in the group and as well as the angst. Haha.
We started around 2 in the afternoon, 14 of us started the climb with a prayer asking God to keep us safe. Some areas were hard to climb and at some point easy. Had a lot of rest as it was a…


Music: A Fine Frenzy (shuffled)

I think there are two kinds of people when it comes to music. One, those who can make beautiful music - composers, singers, performers and there comes the second kind, those who can appreciate good, honest to goodness beautiful music (no matter which genre). 
My mom told me, “you have a good voice anak.” Well, of course my mom would tell me that since she is the one who gave birth to me. Haha. But honestly I do not believe so. I am just the so called, second type. Music was not really played that much in the household. Or maybe I was not around that much to hear them played as my sister does have a great voice compared to me and my brother. I was usually out and about when I was younger (thus sporting the skinny look back in my youngin days haha), but I always have this connection with music. I taught myself how to play the guitar, no I am not that great I could just play some simple songs – if I pursued it I coulda been, mom was so proud when she heard m…


Music: “Catch My Disease” – Ben Lee

how to get there:
By air: check out Cebu Pacific, PAL and Airphil for trips to Legazpi and Naga
By land: Bus going to Naga, Tabaco/Legazpi
[plane] Ranges from 2k roundtrip (check seat sales) to 5k one way (if you’re booking on the same day of your trip or missed your flight just like I did – haha)
[bus] 1000 pesos to Tabaco airconditioned bus one way 400 ordinary fare (be ready to have all the dirty stuff if you do get on the ordinary bus believe me I have tried haha)
To get around: Trike, Jeepneys, Bus or own car.
Place to stay: Inns, Hotels that could range from 300 a night to more than a thousand depends on where youre staying. Or you can stay at my house for free so long as im there. hahaha
Hmm this has been long overdue, the trip to Bicol (Albay, Camarines Sur and Naga) happened about two weeks ago and I am only blogging it right now. Blame it on procrastination. Hah! =p
The trip started in a very Anne Milla way. Getting up early but only to end u…

He breathed not just hope......

(i am claiming he smiled for me! haha)
Entry Date:August 31, 2010 Music: She & Him (Shuffled)
For a few weeks, I have put off visiting this one brave boy that almost everyone in my twitter knows. There is always something that would come up whenever I make a promise of visiting him.
I have to admit, I was a little bit hesitant for reasons that he may be that delicate and I may bring a virus to his place haha (knowing that I have my own allergies and always have that sneeze up on my sleeves).  But this Saturday, August 28, 2010 put my hesitations to rest.
My professor, that for the life of me I do not understand why we still hold classes every Saturday when he only teaches for an hour in a supposedly 3-hour class, dismissed us the earliest as usual. I didn’t have anything scheduled that afternoon aside from a lunch and froyo date with my office mates… so I decided to go to this little Angel’s place.
After my lunch and a short walk in the campus, I followed the directions given to me…

Where randomness may lead you.

Music: The Fray (shuffled)

Where randomness may lead you.

They say it is more disappointing when things don’t go the way you planned them. You were so focused on getting that goal yet you stumbled and everything just crumbled right before your eyes.
We had our own moments like that, yet most of us never really learned. We still make sure we keep control on the path we have taken that led us to disappointments. I am not saying it’s a bad thing or anything, what I am saying is that when we are so focused on getting things the way we planned it right on the dot, we get to miss things out and eventually result to your plans shattered to pieces.
Life throws a lot of curve balls our way, some choose to dodge them some choose to take a swing; some have people behind them to catch them. These curve balls cause our plans to crumble if we don’t widen our horizons.
I am not perfect in dodging or striking or catching these curve balls, just like everyone I know. But I think I have hit a few home-run…


Music: Muse (Shuffled tracks)

Everyday we day dream of what could be, what should be, what needs to be. When someone asks, why don’t we do something about it, we come up with gazillion of reasons why we shouldn’t. We list down things that hinder us from doing it. Either we don’t have the time or the money, we don’t have anyone to do it with, we don’t have this and that. As we continue on with so many reasons why we shouldn’t, they pile up and eventually become our excuses for not doing so. Eventually we find out that our excuses have become us, that our reasons have become the walls that we are now so afraid to cross. Not taking chances anymore, not taking risks not liking change.
Let us all face it; we like to live a comfortable life. I do, and that scares me. I read somewhere that if we settle for comfortable life, we never allow ourselves to be innovative enough and experience failure. We will never have the chance or wouldn’t take a chance. Dale Carnegie wrote that we should take a …


Music: The Script (shuffled)

I came across this quote when I was searching for Love quotations, planning on tweeting it and share to others… but I saw this and thought I need to blog about it.
“I blame my mother for nothing, but forgive her for everything.” – Mary J. Blige
Well mother’s day has passed and this coming weekend will be for the fathers. But instead of writing about my dad, I am going to use this entry for mom.
Why? Well she is my Dad and my mom all mold into one. Mom has always been there not just for the three of us (my siblings) but for the family as well. Being the bread winner since the time I could remember, she never fails to make ends meet no matter how hard it gets for her. If you would calculate the years I have spent my time with her, it will be just nearly 1 and half years of my life. You may ask why, well she left when I was 1 and had to work abroad for us, you can say she’s one of those “Bagong Bayani” and I am super proud of her. I used to write entries on my n…

Don’t forget to make a life list… and make it happen! - no matter when.

Music: Matthew Perryman Jones

I must admit, after I watched “A Walk to Remember” at the cinemas I made a life list. I was fresh out of high school and just embarked my journey into the so called “real world” (which I am still debating now whether I am living in it or still in the bubble I have created to protect myself). I didn’t know much what my future would hold, no one does so I’m safe. Never really had a good footing of what I wanted to do with my life. I was carefree, no plans, no concrete dreams, all I know was I wanted to be SOMEBODY.
Life for me was a bit easy, not as glamorous as anyone born with silver or gold baby rattles in their hand but normal enough to enjoy the perks of being young. I’ve had my crazy wild days in high school (that’s a whole new story right there haha) but I can say I have had a good stint. And come to look at it, I didn’t have much anything set into mind even when I started college. I did pass the entrance exams to good schools; even got…

When you're a local... go local!

Music: The Killers (Shuffled Albums)

I found out last Thursday (April 29, 2010) that the 3rd of May would be a holiday in observance of the Labor Day. My sister was already planning on going back to our hometown (Tabaco City) for the weekend until I decided to join her last minute. I haven't been home for the last 5 or 6 months and if ever I go home it's usually just for a day and is spent in bathing my dog Chummy and hanging out with my nephew Shaun. This weekend was totally different. Out of our randomness, my sister in law and I talked about going inter-island for a day and just planned the trip over night out of excitement. So here goes!

We should have started early last Sunday (May 2, 2010) because my sister in law said we have to be awake by 4am to buy the needed stuff for the trip. The usual me kicks in and I woke up 6am! haha :P  Picked her up (via motorcycle) and went to the market to get the stuff needed but the plan to leave for the island by 7AM was moved to 10AM due…