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Women of our generation have a lot of freedom unlike the tight-long-dresses, stay in the house and serve people (specifically men) years. We are given the independence we duly need, the power to speak our minds without being chastised and the chance to lead everyone to a so called “better life.”
We exude confidence (in our own ways) and at times scare men with it. We cry, yes we do, but that does not necessarily mean we are weak. I believe women become stronger with tears. We conquer our trials and tribulations with wit and with our seemingly fragile yet iron steel hearts.
We do stumble & we fall but women of our generation can get up with our head held up high. We are happy to be soiled, even if it means we break our nails (for some who has longer nails than I have =P). We are empowered when we get the chance to help others in whatever ways we can without expecting anything in return.
Women today can fight and stand up for their friends even when they have their own …

life's destination

Yes I am having my randomness throwback or should I say migrating my scattered blogs in here.. so just wait up for all the entries that would be moved here. haha (i blame coffee jelly grande for this tsk tsk)

date of entry: September 23, 2009 
One great movie line which basically everyone knows… “Life is a box of chocolate.. you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.”  Well I do not live in a box that one is a fact but it is true that in life you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. It’s like there will always be changes, plans that are not followed, surprises that could either be good or bad, sadness, happiness even loneliness but it is you who will determine the outcome of all these things, its you who define it. It is your perspective… not other people’s.
Our life for some is an open book, to seletected a restricted area, for others you give limited access. Mine has been like this. Well who can we blame right? We keep it this way because we know that some people will never stay for good…

a 2007 throwback! (remembering my cousin)

This is such a throwback.. gathered dust from my old wordpress i think or multiply site. haha gonna put it up here.. =) i just remembered my cousin so best to post it up. I miss you buddy! see you when I get there and we go hangin like life is laggin.. =)
the past and the futureSo its the first day of the new year. Everyone will have a list again for this year... a list of what they needed to accomplish.. what they wish to have and the likes.. I rarely do these kinda stuff.. plan... I usually get on with things... laid back and what not... well whats my past and future lets see....Past2006 was a roller coaster ride for me (even if I haven't ridden a roller coaster). Well I guess every year it is coz we never know what life's gonna bring us. A lot of things happened last year.. I lost and I gained something. What I lost...I lost one person whom was very important to me... We may never talk that much nor hang out like what we used to, but he was important. He was one of my favori…

life as a mango tree...

I was able to go home yesterday with the sun setting. It was a very beautiful moment; well you can't take it away from me it’s my favorite time of the day! I have not gone home quite as early as yesterday for a long while now and made me realize a few things while I was admiring the sun and its slow descent in the horizon...
*crosses fingers and hopes that this would make sense at all* haha
Allow me to use this fruit because: 1. It’s my favorite fruit and 2. It’s my blog so you don’t have a say on it! hahaha

Life is like a mango tree.
We grow, we experience things, either the way we want to or it was shoved to us. We get fertilized by the daily dosage of life, we either get into the slow phase or we go fast-forward. We may taste sweetness even sourness in life but we continue to grow sturdy, always giving, always pleasing, always trying just like the mango tree.

The mango tree offers a lot of things to us, from the day it started its life on the ground til it grows. Sometimes it gets …

dusting off this blog!

It's been what? 6 months since I started posting here and someone got me posting again because I needed to check hers (yeah Ms. Camile Velasco you, in case you read this!!) hahaha

Well a lot has happened in 6 months, I don't even know where to begin. Has been a roller coaster ride for me and the people around me but I am looking at it still in the most positive way I could ever do.

So what happened you may ask

After August:

- I finished my third to the last semester (and thank God I had good results)

- September came and two major typhoons hit the country leading to alarming death tolls, flooding for a few months and people losing their houses. I had to walk for 4 hours from where I got stuck to my apartment. Waist deep flood water that you don't even know where it came from. I kinda blame my professor that day, still held class and I still had to go (being a good student that I am hahaha). My sister, crazy that she was asked me to buy groceries when our help just asked for ca…