a 2007 throwback! (remembering my cousin)

This is such a throwback.. gathered dust from my old wordpress i think or multiply site. haha gonna put it up here.. =) i just remembered my cousin so best to post it up. I miss you buddy! see you when I get there and we go hangin like life is laggin.. =)
the past and the future
So its the first day of the new year. Everyone will have a list again for this year... a list of what they needed to accomplish.. what they wish to have and the likes.. I rarely do these kinda stuff.. plan... I usually get on with things... laid back and what not... well whats my past and future lets see....     
2006 was a roller coaster ride for me (even if I haven't ridden a roller coaster). Well I guess every year it is coz we never know what life's gonna bring us. A lot of things happened last year.. I lost and I gained something.        
What I lost...     
I lost one person whom was very important to me... We may never talk that much nor hang out like what we used to, but he was important. He was one of my favorites. We loved him for his character.. He struggled and lost fate, regained it but he lost the battle. I guess people will tell me again and again if I talk about him and feel sad.... that he is in the right place, a good place where he wouldn't suffer... I still have hard time believing and thinking about that. The question will always be WHY?? But we can never question Gods plan. What ever challenge he gives us should be faced with hope and faith because He knows that we can do it.. If someone like Him believes that we can do it... why cant we? So slowly I am accepting the fact that my cousin is gone.... on the happy note - ill miss your farting cousin! :)    
What I gained...    
I gained the trust of some people. People now I call friends and whom I will cherish. Its always a payment for everything when someone trusts you with their life. 
I gained good friends and retained them (for those who I have been friends with for a long time). It is such great feeling when you know that the people you have known sticks it with you. So thank you guys very much for everything. I gained a lot of things .... more than what I asked for this year. So having plans are just the structure of what your life is gonna be this 2007. Its the matter of how you follow it up and build something good with that structure you have.. And since its just a structure.. you can always alter some of them if they don't work. Thats how life works.. cliche ok but the only constant thing in this world is change. So we should never really be too disappointed when our plans don't work. We can always have a backup plan or a follow through for that matter. 
So 2007 wassup and bring it on biatch! haha


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