life's destination

Yes I am having my randomness throwback or should I say migrating my scattered blogs in here.. so just wait up for all the entries that would be moved here. haha (i blame coffee jelly grande for this tsk tsk)

date of entry: September 23, 2009 

One great movie line which basically everyone knows… “Life is a box of chocolate.. you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.”  Well I do not live in a box that one is a fact but it is true that in life you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. It’s like there will always be changes, plans that are not followed, surprises that could either be good or bad, sadness, happiness even loneliness but it is you who will determine the outcome of all these things, its you who define it. It is your perspective… not other people’s.

Our life for some is an open book, to seletected a restricted area, for others you give limited access. Mine has been like this. Well who can we blame right? We keep it this way because we know that some people will never stay for good, of course some will, some will come back but theres still uncertainty in it, some will just leave you right off without saying goodbye. We just have to make the right choices.

When we were kids we had all these dreams, what we wanted to be, who we will become and where we will be when we reach those undying dreams. These for some will be their destination. Dreams that will show us the road maps we need for life, though some streets are missing, erased road names, dark alleys, wide roads, a lot of crossroads, street lights and stop overs but we always have that destination in mind. For some they lose their ways but find it anway, for others they find it right away and for many a lot of detours along the way, changes and new destination arise. It all starts with a destination no matter which way, side or even angle you see it… and you continue on with your journey every single day.. no matter where that would be, you continue and you keep moving.

We keep pushing, we need to… if we don't, we already had given up.. and that's the street you do not want to pass… not in this lifetime maybe…


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