dusting off this blog!

It's been what? 6 months since I started posting here and someone got me posting again because I needed to check hers (yeah Ms. Camile Velasco you, in case you read this!!) hahaha

Well a lot has happened in 6 months, I don't even know where to begin. Has been a roller coaster ride for me and the people around me but I am looking at it still in the most positive way I could ever do.

So what happened you may ask

After August:

- I finished my third to the last semester (and thank God I had good results)

- September came and two major typhoons hit the country leading to alarming death tolls, flooding for a few months and people losing their houses. I had to walk for 4 hours from where I got stuck to my apartment. Waist deep flood water that you don't even know where it came from. I kinda blame my professor that day, still held class and I still had to go (being a good student that I am hahaha). My sister, crazy that she was asked me to buy groceries when our help just asked for candles. So imagine me walking for 4 hours with nearly 3 kilos of groceries with me. I thank my San Miguel Beer jacket that day for being so damn waterproof and saving my phone and money from getting wet.

The Philippines was devastated, but it proved how strong we are as a nation and how charity really works! Setting aside differences and helping each other, different nations united with one goal: To help those in need.

- Hello November and December: I don't really remember what I have been doing those months but it seemed I was preoccupied with work and going out. haha

- Then we welcomed the New Year and it has now been two months since we counted 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1 and shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR! A lot has happened.. I met new friends, I enjoyed their company and talking to them. I got addicted in twitter (I blame my ex as he introduced me to it hahaha) and have met wonderful celebrities on the way.

- Today is the 2nd day of March, my birthday month, and I have counted since the clock hit 12:00MN the days when I have to experience the quarter point 1 (1/4.1) life crisis. Just kidding. =) Let see what will happen next!

Til then. =)


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