life as a mango tree...

I was able to go home yesterday with the sun setting. It was a very beautiful moment; well you can't take it away from me it’s my favorite time of the day! I have not gone home quite as early as yesterday for a long while now and made me realize a few things while I was admiring the sun and its slow descent in the horizon...

*crosses fingers and hopes that this would make sense at all* haha

Allow me to use this fruit because:
1. It’s my favorite fruit and
2. It’s my blog so you don’t have a say on it! hahaha

Life is like a mango tree.

We grow, we experience things, either the way we want to or it was shoved to us. We get fertilized by the daily dosage of life, we either get into the slow phase or we go fast-forward. We may taste sweetness even sourness in life but we continue to grow sturdy, always giving, always pleasing, always trying just like the mango tree.

The mango tree offers a lot of things to us, from the day it started its life on the ground til it grows. Sometimes it gets sick, just like we do. It bears fruit but has to allow it to go into the process, just like we have to. We can never always have the sweet mangoes, just like in life. We experience all the sweet things and as well as the sourness in it. If not prevented, the tree grows freely. Funny thing is, if we are allowed to enjoy what is offered to us and make our own mistakes, we appreciate life more – so should people examine the tree longer and understand its life so they can understand theirs? 

Of course the branches get cut; I view it as its reality check just like what we go through. Not every time we can do what we please we also have to consider everything and the people around us. But no matter what, it remains sturdy, no complains, and continues giving what it can give.

(I have to get back to work…. So im an ending this haha procrastinator that I am… i have to get back to my own “reality check”)

On one note: Life is a beautiful adventure – let us all enjoy the ride!

Til then! =)


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