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Yours Forever

Copyright: Maging Sino Ka Man  Music: "Dahil Minahal Mo Ako"
My Dear Celine, 
One day I will disappear completely
the weathers will mean nothing
the world will get tired of me
you will get tired of me
I will get tired of myself
and I... but I will never get tired of you
for you there will be no endings
I will say your name over and over like a refrain
I'm prayer to no one
Then I will be a flower
the one you'll never pick
I will endure the breathless wading 'til boundaries disappear
with nothing to do, I make new constellations images of you as I remember
dancing , sitting, walking
they are stars from a different view but still I see nothing but you
and fairly like a flower, swiveling like leaf
I once watched you sleep beside me
It was dark then
but the darkness is deeper now
tonight in my dreams I will see you
my lady clothe only in light

Like a kite,
I've given my self up to the wind
I made friends with the sun
confused the birds with strange and distant voya…