Don’t forget to make a life list… and make it happen! - no matter when.

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I must admit, after I watched “A Walk to Remember” at the cinemas I made a life list. I was fresh out of high school and just embarked my journey into the so called “real world” (which I am still debating now whether I am living in it or still in the bubble I have created to protect myself). I didn’t know much what my future would hold, no one does so I’m safe. Never really had a good footing of what I wanted to do with my life. I was carefree, no plans, no concrete dreams, all I know was I wanted to be SOMEBODY.

Life for me was a bit easy, not as glamorous as anyone born with silver or gold baby rattles in their hand but normal enough to enjoy the perks of being young. I’ve had my crazy wild days in high school (that’s a whole new story right there haha) but I can say I have had a good stint. And come to look at it, I didn’t have much anything set into mind even when I started college. I did pass the entrance exams to good schools; even gotten in top 15 for Architecture (would you imagine that –a person who dodged math, trigo, algebra, calculus whenever could get into that course) and also gotten in Food Technology program (again, would you imagine? I wanted to bang my head to the walls just solving looking at the table of elements) but chose the road less traveled by (Sociology but that’s another story).

You might ask, why am I blabbing too much ‘bout the past and not really pinpointing what I want to say and started with that movie title. Well boys and girls, it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want haha just kidding. ‘Coz I just wanted to show you how uncertain I am with what I wanted to do with life or what I wanted to achieve then. I mentioned the life list from that movie because I really did make one, and this entry is about that really I just had a long introduction because I am bored out of my mind.

What was my life list (bucket list for some)? Here goes not in correct order but I remember them perfectly crazy as it may be.

1.       Be a lawyer (that means getting into law school which I never really tried)
2.       Work for UNICEF (UN)
3.       Put up a business for mom so she doesn’t have to work anymore
4.       Meet celebrities (yes mind you I did include this haha)
5.       Travel the world

Looking at the list I have made, I haven’t accomplished/achieved the first three. I don’t even know whether I am still going to be a lawyer (though I am almost done with my masters). I don’t even know whether I’d be able to work for UNICEF to help the kids around the world (though I have a pending volunteer application) and don’t know really WHEN I could achieve that number three for mom.  But suffice to say, I have met a few celebrities in this journey, and yes some of them are real people who have heart and soul and possess such kindness specifically one person (you probably know who this person is – for those who know me) and to top it off, I started crossing other borders.

Travelling is indeed refreshing, it widens your horizon. As crazy as it may sound, slaps you in the face to tell you to wake up and open your eyes wide. Well, that’s going to be another entry for me regarding. What I am trying to say is we mature through time, as we grow, our understanding needs to widen, our sense of adventure needs to be present and our  grasp in everything in and part of our lives should never weaken. Life lists, a good guide to discovering a lot of things. Maybe simple but proves there’s so much out there that’s waiting to be discovered. Make yours, the list may change through time but it’s your map through the adventure called life!

Again, I don’t know if I made sense…. Just wanted to get this boredom out (even though I have a lot to do for work haha)

Have a great night/day to you (whoever took interest in reading this gibberish).

Oh and before I end. Here’s a snapshot from the two borders I crossed. 


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