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I found out last Thursday (April 29, 2010) that the 3rd of May would be a holiday in observance of the Labor Day. My sister was already planning on going back to our hometown (Tabaco City) for the weekend until I decided to join her last minute. I haven't been home for the last 5 or 6 months and if ever I go home it's usually just for a day and is spent in bathing my dog Chummy and hanging out with my nephew Shaun. This weekend was totally different. Out of our randomness, my sister in law and I talked about going inter-island for a day and just planned the trip over night out of excitement. So here goes!

We should have started early last Sunday (May 2, 2010) because my sister in law said we have to be awake by 4am to buy the needed stuff for the trip. The usual me kicks in and I woke up 6am! haha :P  Picked her up (via motorcycle) and went to the market to get the stuff needed but the plan to leave for the island by 7AM was moved to 10AM due to all the cooking. My cousin's wife prepared Laeng and dried fish which was actually heaven for everyone!

We reached the port by 10AM and Don our boatman  (pictured on the left) waited for us for an hour since I told him we would be arriving by 9AM. The boat ride to the island was about 30 mins.

Funny thing though was we told him to bring us to the beach resort but instead of bringing us to where we wanted to go, he brought us to a semi-secluded island because he didn't know where the resort was. Everyone's face went "what the hell?" when we got off the boat.

No choice. We had to stay and enjoy the place where he took us. The place looked awesome though no complains after an hour haha. 

Out of the shock we got when our boatman brought us to a different  beach, my sisters plotted such evilish plan against my brother. They said, they would tell my brother how awesome the place is and would tell him to bring all his fishing and camping gears and leave his cellphone at home then he can tell the boatman to pick him up the next day. haha poor him!

The place was awesome though (picture on the right). It was still breath taking, nature at its best really. I couldn't ask for anything else that day. 

We left the island around 4:30PM. It was a great experience for me, first time ever to be on a boat and on a white sand beach (really believe it or not). Best of all it was spent with my family, although mom and my brother weren't with us, still we had fun and promised to be on the right beach the next time we visit! haha

It was really a very peaceful day indeed. A much needed vacation so everyone would say with all the hooplas I have gone through in the so called concrete jungle.

I would love to go back to this place again someday, I don't know when that would be again but someday. Either with friends and or still with the family. The peace this place has given me energized a few nearly drained parts of my body and revived my braincells. I wouldn't trade the getting on a different beach, waiting for the boatman for nearly an hour because we told him to pick us up by 4 he came nearly 5pm, the plotting against my brother to know how his reaction would be, and the food for anything else. 

So guys, if you ever get the chance to spend time with your family or friends, do so. You will never know when that chance would happen again. Take your randomness with you and let it get you to places you have not discovered yet. Time is of the essence, we keep saying we need to go to this place but we never act on it. So if ever you have that feeling of being somewhere, go for it. Enjoy life! As I always say, it is an adventure so we should experience it. 

Now my wandering mind got me to this place. Go for yours. I bet it would be fun!

Til next time!


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