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Music: “Catch My Disease” – Ben Lee

how to get there:
By air: check out Cebu Pacific, PAL and Airphil for trips to Legazpi and Naga
By land: Bus going to Naga, Tabaco/Legazpi
[plane] Ranges from 2k roundtrip (check seat sales) to 5k one way (if you’re booking on the same day of your trip or missed your flight just like I did – haha)
[bus] 1000 pesos to Tabaco airconditioned bus one way 400 ordinary fare (be ready to have all the dirty stuff if you do get on the ordinary bus believe me I have tried haha)
To get around: Trike, Jeepneys, Bus or own car.
Place to stay: Inns, Hotels that could range from 300 a night to more than a thousand depends on where youre staying. Or you can stay at my house for free so long as im there. hahaha
Hmm this has been long overdue, the trip to Bicol (Albay, Camarines Sur and Naga) happened about two weeks ago and I am only blogging it right now. Blame it on procrastination. Hah! =p
The trip started in a very Anne Milla way. Getting up early but only to end u…