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how to get there:

By air: check out Cebu Pacific, PAL and Airphil for trips to Legazpi and Naga

By land: Bus going to Naga, Tabaco/Legazpi


[plane] Ranges from 2k roundtrip (check seat sales) to 5k one way (if you’re booking on the same day of your trip or missed your flight just like I did – haha)

[bus] 1000 pesos to Tabaco airconditioned bus one way 400 ordinary fare (be ready to have all the dirty stuff if you do get on the ordinary bus believe me I have tried haha)

To get around: Trike, Jeepneys, Bus or own car.

Place to stay: Inns, Hotels that could range from 300 a night to more than a thousand depends on where youre staying. Or you can stay at my house for free so long as im there. hahaha

Hmm this has been long overdue, the trip to Bicol (Albay, Camarines Sur and Naga) happened about two weeks ago and I am only blogging it right now. Blame it on procrastination. Hah! =p

The trip started in a very Anne Milla way. Getting up early but only to end up missing the flight, so as you can see, it didn’t start the way I planned it. There was no taxi when I left the house to get me to the airport. I had to wait for more than 30 mins to get one. I missed my flight for a mere 5 minutes and I had to rebook the next earliest flight or else my managers will have a ball killing me the next work day. How fun. So girls and boys, make sure you call a cab to pick you up.

I only was able to get the flight to Naga, since I am a local I didn’t mind going to Tabaco on a Bus or any other form of transportation. I arrived in Pili, Camarines Sur around 8:30am and just walked my way out. You can rent the taxis to Naga for 250 pesos. Since I am on a tight schedule and my visitors are already in my house eating Laeng, Bangkulis (pictured below) and Kusido (soup dish with Sweet Potato leaves and fish – Bangkulis) –

I took a chance on a bus trip. Only to add insult to injury, it took me to Iriga City and had me transferred to another bus headed to Legazpi. I was itching to get home as fast as I could due to the fact that my sister in law had already assumed the tour guide duty on my behalf. I had to do something, rode the van that would take me to a place where I could ride the jeepney and meet them at Mayon Resthouse (one of my favorite places to hang out whenever I am home). Long story cut short. I arrived in Tabaco City nearly 12 noon, just in time for lunch. Then we were off to go around.

I never really took the time to go around the tourist spots in my province since I am more on the trekking part. I would rather swim and hike or just sleep all day. But this was different.

It was a fun day. Scratching all the mishaps I have had and the mocking I had to go through.

I don’t have much pictures of me since I was the one taking pics. Below are for public consumption. Have fun.

Biggs Diner's Burger Supreme
(braches are all over Naga and Legazpi)

pan de legazpi 
(this is so good in the morning with a hot Milo or coffee)

Mazapan con Pili
(one of the good buys in the province for pasalubong there are more depends on you which)

Sunset in Naga
(always my favorite time of the day - its so peaceful)

(taken in Daraga, Albay after vising the 18th Century built Daraga Church)

There are a lot of places to see in Albay, a lot to experience, a lot to try. If I could just stay there the whole month I would. I left when I was 16 years old. It feels so good to keep coming back. I grew up in a province where the Mayon Volcano serves as your back-draft. The Bicol region is rich of culture, beautiful stories, food - not just the spicy ones, and good people. It is worth your time to visit with your friends and family. 


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