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Music: A Fine Frenzy (shuffled)

I think there are two kinds of people when it comes to music. One, those who can make beautiful music - composers, singers, performers and there comes the second kind, those who can appreciate good, honest to goodness beautiful music (no matter which genre). 
My mom told me, “you have a good voice anak.” Well, of course my mom would tell me that since she is the one who gave birth to me. Haha. But honestly I do not believe so. I am just the so called, second type. Music was not really played that much in the household. Or maybe I was not around that much to hear them played as my sister does have a great voice compared to me and my brother. I was usually out and about when I was younger (thus sporting the skinny look back in my youngin days haha), but I always have this connection with music. I taught myself how to play the guitar, no I am not that great I could just play some simple songs – if I pursued it I coulda been, mom was so proud when she heard m…