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Mt. Maculot Adventure (Cuenca Batangas)

Music: Hanson (Yes! It’s on shuffle haha. I still have this crush with Taylor Hanson – so bite me.)

It was so random, our IT friends were just joking and asked whether we want to go join them on their next climb. Feeling the need to run away from everything that connects me to work and the city, I agreed.
Friday, October 29th I reached Batangas (only to sleep over at my friend’s house to get ready for the next day). It was cold that night which reminded me of Albay. I never really get enough good sleep whenever I am in the city. There is always something to worry about in the morning or the fear of not being able to finish the tasks that need to be done. Saturday came and we were off to start our climb. We came in 2 hours late to the surprise of everyone in the group and as well as the angst. Haha.
We started around 2 in the afternoon, 14 of us started the climb with a prayer asking God to keep us safe. Some areas were hard to climb and at some point easy. Had a lot of rest as it was a…