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A Blast From the Past (hahaha)

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I am supposed to be studying right now but I am taking a little break from it (although, I think I have taken one too many breaks for the past week haha). When I was cleaning my room the other month, I found pieces of paper (scratch/torn out) ones with scribbles on it. You see, whenever I am bored I write stuff: quotes, whatever I have in mind, poems (YES I DO WRITE THEM haha), short stories, essays or just doodles. I admit I get creative whenever I am bored, which I think gives me both an advantage and disadvantage. I found this piece of paper when I was throwing away stuff that has been "collected" for the past years - I do clean my room often, its just that I have a thing of letting some stuff go. Anyway, this dates back maybe a little over 5 years (yes, that notebook was THAT old). It's just funny that's why I am posting this crazy entry I found. I am happy that I found it funny now because I know I am not "bitter" anymore.…

Where to?

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For the past 2 and half years, I have been taking classes for my masters (Industrial Relations). I took the entrance exam last august 2007 thinking that I needed to do something with my life, improve my craft and yes be more marketable when I plan to switch jobs/companies. I wasn’t too sure I was going to get in due to the fact that I am trying to get in the University of the Philippines – but I did. 2 and half years later, here I am days before the comprehensive exam (this will happen on the 25th and 27th of January), thinking what have I been doing? What have I been studying? Will I be able to get the answers right? And the biggest question there is, will I pass and graduate this April? 
It is like I am taking a step back on everything and reassessing them. I have been asking myself if I chose the right profession, am I in the right place, or am I really cut out for this. 
Classes were a breeze for the past 2 and half years.…

Curve Balls in Life

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“It’s the curve balls in life that make us stronger, wiser and better. Don’t dodge, just hit it” – this was my status in FB and posted it on my twitter update this morning. I received a text message from my sister last night. She went back to the province Saturday morning to attend to one of her best friend’s wedding, but instead of letting me how the wedding went, I received a bad news that one of the oldest people in our area had died. She was my mom’s Godmother, I used to stay in her place when I was a kid, and her daughter Tita Ruby (who is in the US now and was not able to come home) used to take care of me when I was a toddler. Their place was the extension of my playground. The last time I saw Mamay was last November during my cousin’s wake. I just  said my hello’s and answered her few questions regarding my current situation. I never would have expected that it would be the last. 
I started this blog with that because I have b…

The Year that Was 2010

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the fun trip in Siquijor via Dumaguete

For various reasons unknown, this blog has been updated once or twice per month for the past year. I will not dwell too much on that but instead put my brain cells into good use in remembering the year 2010 if possible by month. The high and the lows, the curve balls, homeruns and anything else in between. Let us see if my memory serves me right and if the cells left in my brain are those healthy ones because God knows I have lost a few along the way, they committed suicide one by one. Haha

I don’t remember much about this month seeing as it’s the furthest but I will never forget January 28, 2010. This day, at MOA, I met Anne Curtis-Smith. It was the day when I decided that hiding behind the computer and posting on twitter has had enough attention and its time for me to finally do something to meet her (of course through the awesome fambam fANNEat…