A Blast From the Past (hahaha)

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I am supposed to be studying right now but I am taking a little break from it (although, I think I have taken one too many breaks for the past week haha). When I was cleaning my room the other month, I found pieces of paper (scratch/torn out) ones with scribbles on it. You see, whenever I am bored I write stuff: quotes, whatever I have in mind, poems (YES I DO WRITE THEM haha), short stories, essays or just doodles. I admit I get creative whenever I am bored, which I think gives me both an advantage and disadvantage. I found this piece of paper when I was throwing away stuff that has been "collected" for the past years - I do clean my room often, its just that I have a thing of letting some stuff go. Anyway, this dates back maybe a little over 5 years (yes, that notebook was THAT old). It's just funny that's why I am posting this crazy entry I found. I am happy that I found it funny now because I know I am not "bitter" anymore. hahaha. I can finally say its THE PAST. 

Here goes:

Everyone was eager to see how the relationship would flourish
Most of their friends pushed them to meet and hop on the get to know you better stage
The walks they were manipulated to take
The talks they did not want to break
The dinners they always made
It was all surreal, perfect, priceless.

It was drizzling when they had their first walk home
The girl did not mind not being alone
The boy was so shy that it showed
But they were not alone, coz their friends followed them home.

The couple took it from there
Started talking to each other 
Shared and enjoyed music and movies together
Even exchanged novels that could make them feel like awesome readers

The girl was amazed
How can all the things she loves to do
Be found in one single soul?
It was a sign she did not take for granted
She found the guy she ever wanted

Things fell into place
The two started their lover's craze
Did everything normal couple do
They even said their sweet I love you's.

Ahhhh to be young and in love. Well I am stopping my entry to that as the rest is just too cheesy. Hahahaha

Goodnight everyone, may those who are in love stay in love. May those who are finding love, find love, may those who are trying to move on, can fully move on and may those who are a little bit bitter, may you find the sweetness in being single and enjoying life. 

Being single is different from being alone. I have my friends and family who are dear and special to me. I am Single is just a status that you can change when the time comes. I can live and enjoy the single life, but I can never enjoy being alone in this world. If that made sense at all. haha

Celebrate life and its magical moments! Its those little moments that make our life whole. 

Love and let love. Live and let live.

Peace out!


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