Curve Balls in Life

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“It’s the curve balls in life that make us stronger, wiser and better. Don’t dodge, just hit it” – this was my status in FB and posted it on my twitter update this morning. I received a text message from my sister last night. She went back to the province Saturday morning to attend to one of her best friend’s wedding, but instead of letting me how the wedding went, I received a bad news that one of the oldest people in our area had died. She was my mom’s Godmother, I used to stay in her place when I was a kid, and her daughter Tita Ruby (who is in the US now and was not able to come home) used to take care of me when I was a toddler. Their place was the extension of my playground. The last time I saw Mamay was last November during my cousin’s wake. I just  said my hello’s and answered her few questions regarding my current situation. I never would have expected that it would be the last. 

I started this blog with that because I have been thinking, life gives you a lot of surprises, a lot of curve balls a lot of challenges. It is only a matter of what your perception of the situation is. Death doesn’t write just the end of life, it starts a whole new beginning of life.

Another year has unfolded, a few months later I will be a year older and come to think of it, I have not done much on the list that I have provided myself to achieve. Sometimes it frustrates us all that we have not achieved what we want in life. That a lot of curve balls have been thrown to us but only a few decide to take the hit to make that home run. A lot give up, a lot lose faith, a lot goes through the cyclic game having in mind that this time it would be different, when it is not. 

Fragility is one of those consequences of not being able to accept the curve balls in life and make the most out of the situation. We start to break when we think there is no sense of reason anymore when in fact, it was just a test of life. I usually tell myself, I will never know the meaning of success unless I know what failure means. 

I started with losing someone I know because like I said, death never really writes just the ending of life, it writes a new beginning. That again made me realize that sitting and thinking about what I want to do and not acting on it is just a big waste of time. 2011 is here. I have been in existence since 84 – tho I don’t seem to think so (hahaha), it is time to conquer and make use of this God given gift that is life. 

Appreciate the curve balls in life everyone. Life is a beautiful ball game, an awesome adventure. LIVE.


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