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The Sensational Anne Curtis

Music:  A Fine Frenzy (shuffled Album)
Who would you see in almost every corner of the city or the province for that matter? From billboards across EDSA as well as different streets in Manila, and expressways heading to far north and far south or on the side add the handful ads in the biggest malls and on buses flocking EDSA, I bet we would all have one person in mind. To add more cherries to the already delectable cake of success – in case I have not tickled your brain cells as to who I am talking about here, add up the boob-tube’s reigning commercial queen (as far as I remember, first coined by her good friend, Georgina) and the bankable magazine cover girl on her belt and you have the ever stunningly-drop-dead-gorgeous-and-everyone’s-favorite-real-life-barbie-doll, Anne Curtis-Smith.
Now you would say that the first paragraph, specifically the last sentence, is a statement of an ultimate and genuine fan (indeed I am) but let me put that fANNEatic in me on the side and tell you what a…