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Who would you see in almost every corner of the city or the province for that matter? From billboards across EDSA as well as different streets in Manila, and expressways heading to far north and far south or on the side add the handful ads in the biggest malls and on buses flocking EDSA, I bet we would all have one person in mind. To add more cherries to the already delectable cake of success – in case I have not tickled your brain cells as to who I am talking about here, add up the boob-tube’s reigning commercial queen (as far as I remember, first coined by her good friend, Georgina) and the bankable magazine cover girl on her belt and you have the ever stunningly-drop-dead-gorgeous-and-everyone’s-favorite-real-life-barbie-doll, Anne Curtis-Smith.

Now you would say that the first paragraph, specifically the last sentence, is a statement of an ultimate and genuine fan (indeed I am) but let me put that fANNEatic in me on the side and tell you what a sensational star Ms. Anne Curtis is in perhaps the most “outsider-looking-in” way I could ever pull.

Now let me break this down in 8 titles I could think of (tell me if you have more in mind) to describe the sensational joy ride to success of this ever humble and positive individual (whoops that’s a droplet of being a fan, my apologies).

The Bankable Endorser

Look around you, who do you see? The depth of Manila, its main streets to the expressways leading you in and out of the main city, is graced by all the billboards of the products Anne endorses. From hair and beauty products, pasta, drinks (alcoholic and healthy ones), feminine, a soap that makes you “feel irresistibly soft like a touch from a rose”, perfumes for different occasions, accessories, phone, to acquiring your very own space in the city/province, Anne proves that she is a very bankable endorser.

With endorsements left and right, other companies would have to get in line to get her on board. Even if you disagree, she is the hottest commodity in the long list of endorsers in the industry. With Anne, you can never go wrong getting your product across all the masses.

The Cover Girl

I believe the number of covers one person have in  magazines equates to the pulse of how much people want to know about a celebrity and what he/she has to say on certain things. From high fashion to plain old one on one intimate interview, Anne never fails to entice anyone who buys and reads that magazine cover to cover from the pictures that exude how well she knows what is expected of her to the very words that she has to say. I am not a fan of magazines believe it or not, but this I have to say, every cent spent for the magazine where Anne is, is worth it. Not only she has great pictures (of course thanks to the prod team as well) but the message she has to get across is worth your entire dime.

The Twitter Queen

Twitter is the new fan mail of this generation, the days of these mails are slowly coming to an end as a fan can directly “tweet” someone he/she idolizes and all her/his adoration in just a click of a button or where the so called “haters” can tweet their rants towards these celebrities (in the risk of being reported as spam or blocked).

With 726,345 followers as of February 15, 2011 3:16PM, no questions asked as to who the top followed twitter user in the Philippines is – (Anne Curtis of course). It is a shame though that her account has yet to be verified similar to international celebrities (actors, musicians, authors). She used to be called the RT Queen a few months back as she was fond of RT-ing inspirational/funny quotes or even just plain tweets from followers that she finds amusing or with a great message that needs to be shared.

Anne receives 50-70 tweets per minute whenever she tweets (yes, I tried timing it). Although she does read every single tweet she receives, only few receives that very special reply – which happens during her down time (free time, in traffic or even during breaks at her shoot/taping). Your heart would surely flutter when you receive a reply from Anne (considering how busy she can get and the number of mentions and followers one is up against whenever she’s on a twitter-spree).

The Commercial Queen

Let’s face it, we don’t usually appreciate commercials as it break whatever emotions we have while watching our favorite shows, but I must admit, I have never enjoyed an ample amount of commercials this much. The new commercials Anne has showcase a lot about her – two in particular: Palmolive Soap offering her singing prowess (and of course her beautiful skin) and YES she can carry a tune in my honest opinion. Then second the new Greenwich Pasta Supreme where you can see the very classy Anne and her very “bugoy” self. I think if you want to know two things about Anne in just a span of 30 seconds – watch the Greenwich commercial.  

The Fashionista

Anne can wear anything and still look so elegant. A lot have mentioned that she is a real life Barbie doll as she can wear anything, have her wear t-shirts, short shorts, classic black dress or ball gowns and she will still end up looking so stunning. Showtime viewers look forward to what she wears every single day and she never fails to put everyone in awe.

Her sense of style ranging from laid back to elegant truly makes her a real life Barbie doll.

The (Best) Versatile Actress

Year 2010 has been great for Anne, starting the year with “Babe I Love You” (a feel good romantic movie) alongside Sam Milby, which proved yet again the chemistry between the two and one alongside Ms. Claudine Barretto and Richard Gutierrez, “In Your Eyes” where she proved that she can deliver every inch of emotion needed in progression.

With over 13 years in showbiz, Anne has truly mastered her craft. She can take you to this place where you could feel everything her character feels when she acts and when that happens that is where you can separate an actor from just doing her/his job to one who is passionate of what she/he does. 

She is one of those who can deliver funny lines with good timing and who can make you bawl out until someone looks at you funny. I would also love to see her do an Indie movie (hopefully Filipino writers step up and could create that “500 Days of Summer-isk story line) or an action movie (ala Angelina Jolie) in the near future.

The TV Host

If you are a “solid showtimer” you would definitely watch out for Anne every single day. Showtime has allowed Anne to be her self while on the job. If you happen to be in the studio watching live, you would see how much she enjoys and loves being there. On that show, Anne has captured a lot of hearts throughout its 2 years of airing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she is given her own talk show (Ellen/Oprah type of show) as she is too a very articulate individual.

The Entertainer

Watch the Palmolive commercial and you would know what I am talking about here. The love for music runs through her veins, just read her tweets and she would open up a whole new world of music for you – that is if you are mainly fond of mainstream. In her own way, she never fails to paint a smile on your face may it be her dancing (in ASAP) or the way she sings. I love how confident she is whenever she sings and I love that there are lot of people out there who encourage her to continue singing because it makes their heart soar so to speak. The mere fact that she belts out whenever people chant “sample sample” with no questions asked is truly a trait of a great entertainer.

As I reread this entry, I think I failed in trying to pull the “outsider looking in” card but rather “fan blood” drizzled throughout. Haha.

Anne Curtis-Smith is in every inch and every way WORTH IT. Happy Birthday Anne!


  1. I love Anne Curtis to death. She's my all time favorite.. :)

  2. This is all true, I also LOVE ANNE CURTIS so much, more success to her and continue to inspire more and more of your fans especially me.

  3. I love Anne Curtis Smith, and always will..she's my one and only favorite since the very first time she enter's showbizzz. tnx @anneskie this is so sooo true!

  4. i like!!! soooo trueee po tlga!!!! pumunta ako sa manila last friday!!! at dun nkita ko ang mga billboards nya!!! grabehhhhhhh ang dami!!!!

    IDOL ko tlga cya!!! we love you anne!!!!!


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