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Palawan for my Kaarawan (Birthday Trip)

Music: Hanson, Lifehouse, Temper Trap, White Lies, American Rejects (shuffled)

My granny once told me (or maybe a couple of times) how much of a “lakwatsera” I am (fond of roaming around in a more sensible term) due to many moles found on my soles. Yes, I have three moles lined up from my pinky toe to the edge of my soles. Haha. I don’t know maybe it is just a way for old people to explain such thing. Though true enough, I love to travel. I would give up any concert just to travel or be able to travel. It brings me so much joy being able to experience different things, being able to enjoy what other areas can offer and most especially being one with nature.
For years now, I have wanted to visit Palawan. I always am in awe whenever I see pictures from El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princessa. I promised my self that one day, I will be able to visit any of the three and that day (well days) came last March 12-14, 2011. Gone are the days that plane tickets sky rocket. Due to influx of people t…

soooo i was bored....

For years and years (since High School) I have been wondering how to really really create a good silk screen set up.... call me stupid for not going through classes and checking out youtube vids all those years.. but finally I did.... now I am a bit inspired to create my own set up.... that is when I stop procrastinating and get a movin.