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I Want To......

Music: Adele (19 and 21 albums shuffled)

Not everything applies to “you can never teach an old dog a new trick”. I don’t believe that we can never learn anything new even if we are old. They say, best to teach them young. Yes it is best to teach people when they are young because of how quickly children can learn and pick up or move their bodies so to speak because they have this overflowing energy. Unlike us adults, we are run down with so many things in life; we get floored every single day from all the day to day activities to earn a buck or two. But I say it is never too late.
I love music. I really do. Well I will try my very best to sing a tune or two to save my life or someone else. It is the best pacifier I can have for anything I feel. For the past days I have been listening to Adele (same music I put here). It’s stripped less electronic sounds, guitar, bass, violin and piano dominate the whole album. That makes me think of going back and teaching myself how to play the piano.…

Losing Weight is Hard to Do..... but DO-ABLE!!

Music: Temper Trap, Arcade Fire, Bruno Mars (yes haha) and The Boat That Rocked Soundtrack (shuffled)

There were days that you just wouldn’t want to have your picture taken, days that you wouldn’t want to go out because your favorite clothes that used to fit seems fitting for a younger version of you. Sometimes you just want to wallow with a pint of ice cream and watch your favorite romantic movie. Days that people would compare how you looked a few years back they’ve seen you from how you look now. Family reunions or gatherings that end up being filled with so many questions as to what you have been doing and why you’ve gained such weight rather than asking how you really are.
Most of us go through things like that I have mentioned. One way or even more than the other. When I was 13 I used to weigh 40 kilos at around 5 feet, which was actually below what I supposed to weigh. My relatives would usually tell me to eat more, drink milk, and take vitamins so I could weigh appropriately. R…

Explore the North Side: Vigan

Music: Angus and Julia Stone (Shuffled)

We reached Bantay, Ilocos Sur around 10:30 PM from Pagudpud (it was around 4 hours trip).
Bus: Florida Route: Pagudpud to Bantay Fare: 210 pesos Travel time: approximately 4 hours.
From Pagudpud we were dropped off in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. (Petron Station). Then we got in to a trike that would bring us inside Vigan. It was a 10 minute ride and I think we paid around 50 pesos. We checked in Gorjion Hotel in Vigan (Double Sharing costs 3000 pesos plus 550 pesos for extra person – we were given discount so we only paid 3000 for the night until noon the next day (12NN check out.)
After settling in, we went around Vigan because I wanted to take pictures at night. I have always wondered how Vigan would look at night and what I saw did not fail me.

We haven’t eaten dinner yet since we left Pagudpud around 6PM. So we decided to try the famous Vigan Empanada. I think my friend Suz had this quest to try every Empanada she could find. Haha this was the first.

I don…

Explore the North Side: Pagudpud

Music: Jay Sean (the songs have been gathering dust)

I didn’t plan on having March as a “travel month” for me but it ended that way. I just wanted to celebrate my birthday early in Palawan but ended up traveling til the end of the month.
Side note: Although the Bicol trip was an emergency, my granny died (my mom’s aunt), God bless her beautiful soul so I had to go home to pay respect to her for the last time. She was always smiling even when life got rough. Anyway, that’s a different story.
My friends from work have been planning on visiting Vigan for a few months now. We didn’t really have the exact date up until the first week of March. We made sure it was right smack to our bonuses so we could have enough moolah to spend. The trip was actually great, it was short but great.
I usually go to Baguio each year, every year to be exact for work and to hang out with friends so it is never really that new to me. Every time I go there, I wonder, why I haven’t visited Vigan and Pagudpud yet. S…