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Music: Adele (19 and 21 albums shuffled)

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Not everything applies to “you can never teach an old dog a new trick”. I don’t believe that we can never learn anything new even if we are old. They say, best to teach them young. Yes it is best to teach people when they are young because of how quickly children can learn and pick up or move their bodies so to speak because they have this overflowing energy. Unlike us adults, we are run down with so many things in life; we get floored every single day from all the day to day activities to earn a buck or two. But I say it is never too late.

I love music. I really do. Well I will try my very best to sing a tune or two to save my life or someone else. It is the best pacifier I can have for anything I feel. For the past days I have been listening to Adele (same music I put here). It’s stripped less electronic sounds, guitar, bass, violin and piano dominate the whole album. That makes me think of going back and teaching myself how to play the piano. I wanted to when I was about 16. Mom asked me if I was really serious about it and she would send me money to enroll for every week’s class. I guess I chickened out and told her I would just stick to playing sports. Years later, here I am thinking I want to. Posted it on my status on facebook and my aunt went on rambling about it is never too late to learn something as well as my friend. I guess with everything slowing down in my life right now, school’s going to be out in a matter of time – I just need to pass one last exam and I am free from my graduate school, I would. Maybe when I get enough resources I would definitely do something about this “I want to….”

Not doing anything makes our brain dull. I guess we need to keep learning to make use of the brain cells we have. We don’t want them to dry out or possibly fossilized in our heads. Haha

I leave you with this: if you want something in life, make sure you do everything to get it (of course in the most rightful way possible), we wouldn’t want to end up regretting years later and ask ourselves why didn’t we ever?

Peace out!


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