Losing Weight is Hard to Do..... but DO-ABLE!!

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There were days that you just wouldn’t want to have your picture taken, days that you wouldn’t want to go out because your favorite clothes that used to fit seems fitting for a younger version of you. Sometimes you just want to wallow with a pint of ice cream and watch your favorite romantic movie. Days that people would compare how you looked a few years back they’ve seen you from how you look now. Family reunions or gatherings that end up being filled with so many questions as to what you have been doing and why you’ve gained such weight rather than asking how you really are.

Most of us go through things like that I have mentioned. One way or even more than the other. When I was 13 I used to weigh 40 kilos at around 5 feet, which was actually below what I supposed to weigh. My relatives would usually tell me to eat more, drink milk, and take vitamins so I could weigh appropriately. Remember this was after puberty so puberty wasn’t the case. Come high school I still weighed below the scale. I got into the varsity team for Badminton in school. So that would mean I have to undergo training each day to be able to compete. Day in day out I have to jog a few rounds around the oval, do drills on the court and play games until the guards tell us to go home. Even on a Saturday, we go to the gym and play.

Being a badminton player in the varsity had its perks; I was able to work out and go places for free and meet a lot of people. This continued until my college years. I once again became part of the varsity team for Badminton. The training was more hideous than in high school – I reached the national games in high school and I thought the training was grueling but not compared to college. I had to free my Fridays and I had to practice at least 3 times a week then jog on the side as well on top of classes you have to take.

Point being is, I was fit. I did not have to worry about buying clothes because I can easily fit into those I wanted, I can easily grab pants that I want not worrying how it would fit me. Getting clothes was a breeze.

Fast forward 5 years later. I weigh more than what is appropriate for my height at 5’4 and my age. I have to be between 124-138 and I weigh more than that and it is such a struggle losing the extra baggage. Day in day out, I sit for nearly 10 hours a day (or even more if there are things that need to get done), I felt so bloated. Clothes won’t fit. My favorite pants is gathering and housing cobwebs in the cabinet as it’s 6 inches smaller than my actual size now. Ah the heartbreak!

Anyway, you wouldn’t really get up on it until it really hits you hard. I stopped having my pictures taken – I opt to be behind the camera or if ever my pics are taken I screen them before posting them. I saw great clothes I wanted to buy but I couldn’t find the right size. Family keeps comparing the version of me during my high school and college days to now. My back started to ache (mild scolio lumbar area), my knee started to ache as well and I had to undergo therapy. It was a hard realization and it was frustrating. I had to get up on it and do something.

I started working out religiously last March. I cut down on carb intakes. Created a work out routine that would fit my schedule – jog on Tuesdays and Thursdays and box on Wednesdays for at least an hour and a half. I gave up pork, soda and rice for lent – but I think I would continue it until it’s out of my system. Counted my calorie intakes as well as eating more fruits, vegetables and drinking more water.

I hope to be 20 kilos lighter by September. That is my goal. I don’t know if I can make it there but I plan on continuing this. I feel a bit lighter now – I actually lost 6 pounds for the whole month. It is not big I know but it is something. I don’t really deprive myself from eating the food I want like pizza but I eat now in moderation plus my abstinence from pork, rice and soda for lent helps.

For now, work out continues. The important thing is I love what I am doing, I am determined to achieve my goals and I don’t deprive myself from the food I crave for – which is good.

Til the next entry – that is when I lose the whole other 17 kilos I want to lose. Haha

Til then!


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