The Jasmine Experience

Music: Elliott Smith

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Blessed with the Ojales and Curtis-Smith genes, no wonder this young lady would make people’s heads turn and make you take that second, third and even the bordering stare look. At the tender age of 17, she is making waves of her own and making a name for her self in the showbiz industry. You should not be surprised if her star shines so bright and be among the top ranks of the perfectly effective endorsers, actresses, hosts and entertainers (she dances gracefully and with the innately hidden talent in singing). She need not have a longer introduction – meet Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

I have been following Jazzy on twitter since 2009 along with just a few hundreds of us. From the humble few hundreds to a whooping nearly 300k (as of this writing), I feel so proud and ecstatic for what she has achieved in this little adventure she is on. I guess we can consider her lucky to have been given such an opportunity to live in the best of both worlds – being able to do what she loves (in showbiz) during school breaks and being a normal teenager whenever she goes back to Australia. 

"First Jasters' Day Trailer"

We have nothing but grand praises for Jasmine; she is such a great ball of fire every time you meet her. Last July 16, 2011 that fact had a cherry on top – she woke up early for the MVP Run at MOA, went straight to “Hey It’s Saberday!” rehearsals then went on live for the same show at lunch time met her adorable Jasters every chance she gets (during gaps) then rushed to Novaliches for Wil Time Big time opening prod number & hosting then rushed back to Broadway Centrum to tape another “Hey! It’s Saberday!” episode which ended at the wee hours of the morning (just writing that I got tired haha what more of the actual). I call her Ms. Freshness Engery-nator because no matter how tiring/hectic her day is, she still has all the energy in the world while looking so fresh. 

 "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing"

Yes she is very gorgeous (just like her big sister Anne Curtis) that’s a given fact, but as pretty as she is, she also has this very generous, accommodating and kind heart. She makes it to a point that she greats everyone that says hello, pose for a picture (sometimes marshals try to tell the fans off but she would oblige), and have a little chit-chat with them. July 16, 2011 was the first official Jasters’ Day on the set of ‘Hey It’s Saberday!” and that generous –accommodating-kind heart radiated the whole time she was with the Jasters making it a great “Jasmine Experience”.

No doubt, she will be the next big thing in the showbiz industry. I wish her all the success the world can offer her but I still hope (on the side) she is given the opportunity to continue experiencing the best of both her worlds – that is still being in showbiz & pursuing her university education (a few years shy from now).

*insert*: Jazzy turning 17 last April 6, 2011 at the set of "Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum"

Until we meet again, babycurt.


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