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to live a dream for a day is better than not living it at all

When I was a tad bit younger, I wanted to be a lot of “somebody”.  I wanted to be a scientist, a film maker & writer, an architect, a musician, a radio jock, a composer, a visual artist (comics, special effects etc.), a photographer, a national badminton player heck, even a hiphop dancer.

All that I wanted to become revolved much around the arts and a little bit of sports and science. I wanted to be a scientist because of Doogie Howser M.D. haha my sister and I used to watch it way back when. He was really cute and the stories were awesome. I do not remember much about it because I was way too young for it. I asked mom to buy me a test tube set (the real ones) and every material there is for a laboratory. She managed to compensate me with a Barbie doll telling me that the things I wanted were dangerous hahaha. Then I wanted to become a film maker & writer, yes you may have guessed it it’s because of another TV Show this time, The Wonder Years. I was so hooked on this show that I had to struggle for a tv viewing spot and battle with my grandma with her Esperanza (yes, that Judy Ann Santos teleserye). I had this huge crush with Fred Savage, that boyish smile and eyebrows when he gets this sarcastic look I just loved him from the moment I saw him hahaha. Yes he was my first ever celebrity crush when I was in my early elementary years (not far from the day when the butterfly cut blonde hair boys like Leo, Nick and Devon took over).  I wanted to write the same stories like that of the Wonder Years.

Then I grew a little older, I was pushed to draw for my own homework. I did not have anyone to help me with it. Everyone was busy, my older siblings were in High School, and mom was working in another country since I was a year old. So I had to do things on my own. To cope, I started scribbling until the time I reached the ease in drawing certain images. I was fond of cartoons and I would put up my drawings on my walls. My father (when I was vacationing in Manila) uttered “we may have an architect in the family” out of wanting to prove that I will be one someday (there’s angst there deep beneath the I WILL BE ONE SOMEDAY – but that’s a different story), I took an entrance test in the number 1 state university in our province and I passed top 15 of all examinees in the region (hooarraaah not that I wanted to boast or anything =p).

Time passed and I was exposed to so many things in high school, different kinds of music and the arts. I got hooked into sports (badminton) and even reached the national games (Palarong Pambasa) – again that’s another story haha. I danced as well in class but did not pursue it as I left it to my friends because I did not want to perform in front of a huge crowd (yes, thats the hip-hop dancer dream).

The list of these events goes on but I am not a radio jock, neither a film maker, nor visual artist, nor architect, nor dancer, nor musician nor a part of national team. But I have become a little bit of everything. I live the dream of becoming a radio jock when friends are in need of songs to listen to, I played in the national games, I handle the magazine publication in the office (visual/writer whatnot), I handle the video presentation in our department (coz no one would take a shot at it hahaha), musician in the confines of my room and the bathroom (because that’s how far I can take this so called bathroom talent hahaha) and photographer in my own little world.

What I am driving at here is that in life, we want to be a lot of somebody from the day we started imagining things when we were kids up until this very moment. I may have taken a different route in reaching my dreams, but still I am contented with what I have achieved in my years of existence. We can be whoever we want to be if we take a shot at it right? We can do anything we want if we put our hearts into it. No one has the right to tell you, you are not this and that because they do not know your capabilities.

Be whoever you want to be, live out your fantasies. You may have taken the road less traveled by in this life adventure, but all road leads to our final destination. It is how we take each curves, turns, highways, cross-roads, never solely on who would lead you there.  

Living your dream for a day is better than not living it at all.


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