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The Icons of Reinvention. The UP Pep Squad.

Music: Nico Stai (Dead Pony + Miss Friday)

Once a year my heart is filled to the brim with so much pride, so much joy and so much school spirit. I am not saying that I only feel this 1-day out of the total 365 days, I will forever be proud of having a Maroon blood running through my veins. But there is this one day of the year that the UP Community, current students and alumni alike gather in one place. No this is not on graduation day, rather during the most coveted cheer dance competition of all the top 8 universities in the country.  Credit to the uploader. No infringement intended.

For another video which is clearer I think. I was having trouble loading this: UP Pep Squad. Cheerdance Competition 2011

The day I learned about the competition, I promised my self that I would never sit this one out. I lined up in Araneta for hours September of year 2001, on the day of the competition with my college friends then trying to score a Gen Ad ticket (because that is the only ticket we could aff…

The Quarter-Life.

Music: Band of Horses (shuffled)

I must admit, for weeks now I have been denying the fact that I am going through something. That I keep telling myself, this is nothing and it would go away. As M. Scott Peck would say (not in verbatim of course) problems do not really go away, they stick to you and the longer you deny the existence the bigger it would be. Indeed, I have a problem. The problem of using my time to the fullest, the problem of changing my attitude towards a lot of things, the problem that it is a struggle to accept life is difficult – because indeed it is. We just have to learn how so sail through it by embracing suffering, pain and eventually success.
At age 16, I thought I was dead set to what I need to do after I finish university. I wrote down the 5 things that I needed to accomplish at certain age. Be a lawyer, own a house, own a car, travel and maybe marry at this age. But 11 years later, at age 27, none of them accomplished. I am not a lawyer (though I am almost done…