The Icons of Reinvention. The UP Pep Squad.

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Once a year my heart is filled to the brim with so much pride, so much joy and so much school spirit. I am not saying that I only feel this 1-day out of the total 365 days, I will forever be proud of having a Maroon blood running through my veins. But there is this one day of the year that the UP Community, current students and alumni alike gather in one place. No this is not on graduation day, rather during the most coveted cheer dance competition of all the top 8 universities in the country. 
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The day I learned about the competition, I promised my self that I would never sit this one out. I lined up in Araneta for hours September of year 2001, on the day of the competition with my college friends then trying to score a Gen Ad ticket (because that is the only ticket we could afford haha). I never really had that much pride during my first semester in UP mind you, but that day when I saw how much pride the UP Community has, so united, so proud of the squad, I promised myself I would never miss this one (either on tv or live).

There were moments of slight disappointments, as usual, with the results as I know how hard they work every day for that few minutes of their lives.

Since 2001, I have been watching it. Back in 2009, my friends and I had to camp out at Araneta for 13 hours just for us to get tickets. This was my way of keeping the promise. That promise was slightly cracked coz I missed out last year. It was right smack on the day of my arrival from the province. Imagine my frustration on the plane, on the tarmac waiting for my luggage because my friends who were watching live kept texting and calling me that we had won. All I could say was “fuck” and “shit” and “why the hell am I missing this shit out?” hahaha

This year, my friend (from grad school) who is also really a die-hard UP Pep Squad supporter and a through and through Maroon blooded individual, got us Patron seats – which was mind awesomely blowing! My heart somewhat skipped a beat or two during that 6 minute routine and all I could feel was so much pride. I was so proud that I belonged to this community, that I am one of the die-hard supporters of this extraordinary squad. The crowd roared, before-during-after their performance. Even other schools did cheer for us. Imagine that.

On the side note: through the years of watching the competition, I must say the schools competing had improved tremendously. Look at the De La Salle Squad placing 1st. I knew it after they performed that they would be on the top 3. Their routine was clean, precise and with that so-called “surprising performance”. UST only placed fourth that was very far from last year. And still with the stunts – FEU placed second.

I am rumbling here so I must stop. CONGRATULATIONS UP PEP SQUAD UAAP Cheerdance Competition Champions!!!! You are indeed the Icons of Reinvention. It is not the number of wins that counts; it is what you bring on the mat. U-NI-BER-SI-DAD NG PILIPINAS!!!!!


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