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F2's at 7 x Quadruple Celebration

Music: Athlete's Albums (Shuffled)

Usually, I do not get to any F2’s gatherings on time when it is on a work day/week/night as I always have to finish work before leaving the office, so October 17, 2011 was not an exception to the usual haha – but I just had to be there.
It was a special day for all of us F2’s that Monday (Oct. 17, 2011) as we celebrated four important milestones: 1. Our 7th year (how time flies) 2. Anne’s 14th year anniversary in show business 3. No Other Woman – Number 1 top grossing Filipino film of all time and lastly 4. Annebisyosa’s Gold record award. It was only a small-low key gathering that day, packed with a block screening and simple dinner with Anne and few of the F2’s.
That night was full of smiles, gratitude, proud moments and perpetual bliss for everything that Anne has accomplished in her 14th year in showbiz. People may call fANNEtastic fANNEatics (f2’s) a fans club, and yes technically it is – but I call us a family. The friendship that is built w…