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"In Time"

Music: Coldplay (shuffled album)

Alright, it has been quite long since I posted an entry here, while most post weekly, I usually post when I have something in mind or I just wanted to raise my emotions whether it elicits – joy, sadness, eagerness, energy, or whatever it is common people like us experience every day. With that, here is what I owe in this blog (not that a lot bothers to read anyway haha).
Prior to heading to Baguio early Thursday, I watched “In Time” late Wednesday night – imagine the sacrifice of time late movie night and early call time for Baguio.  I do not normally talk about movies here that much – but then again this is a blog about anything random – thought wise – so might as well. 
I am a self-confessed movie buff – I can watch anything – yes even Horror movies (but I pledged that I wouldn’t pay any dime scaring myself haha – just at home in broad daylight). I never really post anything about movies here so this may be the first.
I heard a few things about “In Time…

What the heart wants and what the brain says I need…..

Music: Coldplay (Shuffled Albums)

If you have been reading through my blog (if you have thank you very much for the time and interest), you would know that I always have this urge to do research or community service. You see, I never intended to take up Sociology. No, Sociology is not Psychology, albeit they are of the same branch of science, they are totally different in a lot of approaches but of course there would be inevitable cross overs. I would love to explain further, but I would like to ask you to be a curious a little and find the differences of the two, believe me it’ll give you an insight or two. That gives you another opportunity to be smarter. =)
Anyway, filling up that college application was not entirely a breeze for me for the second choice (campus and degree for UPCAT). I was really dead set on getting in the Architecture department of any school. I applied for only three schools – that would be UST, UP and our local state university (in the province) Bicol University.…