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Alright, it has been quite long since I posted an entry here, while most post weekly, I usually post when I have something in mind or I just wanted to raise my emotions whether it elicits – joy, sadness, eagerness, energy, or whatever it is common people like us experience every day. With that, here is what I owe in this blog (not that a lot bothers to read anyway haha).

Prior to heading to Baguio early Thursday, I watched “In Time” late Wednesday night – imagine the sacrifice of time late movie night and early call time for Baguio.  I do not normally talk about movies here that much – but then again this is a blog about anything random – thought wise – so might as well. 

I am a self-confessed movie buff – I can watch anything – yes even Horror movies (but I pledged that I wouldn’t pay any dime scaring myself haha – just at home in broad daylight). I never really post anything about movies here so this may be the first.

I heard a few things about “In Time” – that it was okay but the lines are cheesy, it was so-so but the concept was awesome so on and so forth. Most of the times, I do not really believe in movie reviews or opinions of others about music and or movies and this movie was not an exception. Others tend to discourage me from watching a certain movie but lets face it, we have our own opinions and mine is just as good as yours – we may only differ in how we explain it or in our perspective – which is the magic of using our intelligence really.

What really draws me from enjoying and re-watching movies are these:

1.  Great soundtrack – believe me I have a vast collection of different soundtrack (cheesy as it may be – it started with Nothing Hill when I was just 14)

2.  Concept of the movie – some think I am weird of understanding of enjoying movies with different concepts – I enjoy indie movies on the side too because they have awesome soundtrack as well. Great package! 

3.   Actors – lets be honest here, we watch movies because of the people that are in it – this is mostly the deciding factor of everyone when choosing a movie

4.  Script – a movie lingers in your mind when the script just matches the concept and I cant explain it further but that – use your imagination on this

5.  Trailers – really, they do make me want to watch – this is the synopsis in the shortest video (soundtrack included) – if trailers are awesome, you have my attention.

I actually would have more but – those are my top reasons. Anyway to cut the long introduction short here we go.

There is 1440 minutes in a day (84,400 seconds if you still want to know), imagine a world where time is the currency and that you wouldn’t want to waste any second of it because it is valuable. That is what “In Time” allows you ponder on. Right now we work for those dead presidents – to pay the bills, rent, food, tuition, loans among other things that we are so engrossed in. we spend so much time trying to earn a buck and setting aside important things because we need money.

In the world where everyone is busy for this piece of paper, we neglect how valuable time is – how important 1 second is in life. That with one second, something could happen in a snap, we could lose something or gain it. Most of us neglect time – yes I am one of them, I am not extraordinary in managing my time.

In the movie, they work to get paid of minutes or day or hours, they loan for a month, a day, an hour everything revolves around the concept of how important time is. The rich get centuries in their life – the poor die if you do not have any means of earning time – which in current world still happens.

Looking at the movie in terms of social stratification – it does not differ from the way it is now today. The rich live extravagantly, can have anything, can enjoy anything good but the difference today and in this movie – the rich in the movie take their time – do things slowly enjoy the moments they have – because they have all the time in the world, while in reality the rich spend so much time building their empire to make sure their money is tripled or more sometimes neglecting the fact that there are other people important in their life (I am not saying that I know everything because I am not rich just based on observation).

Then we have the poor – in the movie everyone sleep less because they need to work to earn another day, to eat, to pay off loans spends hours to earn time. Then as always crime rate is high because you walk around with hours in your arm. In reality, majority of the poor spend their time doing nothing because there is not much work around – it is hard to find work. Although the same concept of living day to day is the same with the movie but the poor seems to have all the time in the world in our real time.

You may imagine, that the people like the Time Keeper are also watching the world economy right now, they make sure which country stays poor and which country stays rich because if equality exists in terms of buying power. There is not much of anything to produce really. Think of it as the survival of the fittest (which in the movie and in real world is very much applicable).

No, I am not going into the details of conspiracy this, conspiracy that – I will leave it up to you to think – to provoke yourselves to ask and ponder.

Anyway, spending so much time traveling to Baguio yesterday made me think of how much time I have really spent in enjoying it.  I tend to work too hard to make sure that I earn extra bucks but sacrificing the time for family and friends. I haven’t really seen my sister and nephew for a full week but we live in the same house, because they sleep early – I arrive late, they leave early – I leave late.

Now, slowly I am going to try making sure that there is balance. I hope you do too.

The most important time is now, and tomorrow is today. Balance it out – enjoy and spend it wisely.


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