Sustainable Happiness

Music: Florence + the Machine

 "simple moments, random gatherings, series outburst of laughter is my definition of sustainable happiness." - A.C.M.

"where good awesome friends dine"

12.27.2011: Tho it was a quick dinner because I did not realize we were going home as I was busy "tweeting" and checking if I have a "flower" (haha inside joke), it was a ton of fun! There is never a dull moment with these guys, I swear. 

"never dull, always fun, no fuss, no mess, just happiness"
Glad to have spent the chow down moments and great laughter with you guys! (Ate Rica, Shobe, Roan, Caca, Kate, Gem, Aaron, Jomay, Becka, Gellie, Mariel, Ate Chona, Ate Norie and Ate Miel). I will see you Ann next time! 

Thanks for the awesome gifts! Tho I still want to share my unknown "best before" M&M's orange chocolate to those I was in the car with! hahaha.

See you again soon!! 

Happy New Year!!


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