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MyMusic Store

This is just a quick sub-post from the When In Manila article I put up a few days ago.
Go to this link to read about the biggest music downloading site in the Philippines - MyMusicStore!
MyMusicStore: The Biggest Musid Downloading Site in the Philippines (When In Manila)
check the site at MyMusicStore to get your music fix!

Read, share, comment and buy your music there!

Thanks guys!

Be an Ambassador of Your Own Country

Music:A Fine Frenzy and Florence + the Machine (Shuffled)

Some of you may view me as workaholic, trust me I really am not, I just want to get things done so I could move on to another tasks for me to be able to have free time in my hands every weekend – okay I might just be tad bit workaholic if you insist. Anyway, what I am driving at is this – I happen to have the chance to go on a “business trip” this weekend – Baguio. As usual, I choose the weekend because I really do not want to tire myself heading back and working the next day. I just had to do some errands to finalize everything in our newly renovated Staff House – which falls under my responsibilities the minute this work was transferred to me last May 2011.
Like always true to the core, my 3am pledge of heading up north was moved to a later schedule because I fell asleep. There I was, checking the trips for Baguio in Pasay City and I got the 2:30pm trip, which was a little late than usual. You see, it used to be a 6-hour trip,…