My Anne Curtis Chronicles (Slight Birthday Party Post)

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Anne Curtis
 (Yes, my photo if you're planning on posting this up might as well give the rightful credit? Thanks!)

It has been 2 years since (last January 28, 2010) I have personally met Anne Curtis. Albeit it is only 2 years, I have of course known her for a while for her various works on tv, movies, print media and endorsements. I saw her briefly when she was 13 years young I think when she visited our province, Tabaco Albay (LCC Show every October of the year). With the absence of digital cameras then, I just took it as a memory. 

I got preoccupied with childhood (okay going around town with friends on a bicycle and swimming on rivers nearby was the thing back in the province when I was a young grasshopper haha) so I did not really bother watching television much but TGIS came in the picture every Saturday, that made me stay home during the afternoons. I loved the Chubi-Anne love team (age range my friends haha). It was cute including the “bulol” days too. 

Fast forward to September 2009, I was watching the news and here comes Ms. Anne Curtis braving the weather to do whatever she can to help people affected by Ondoy in all areas possible. Organizing different activities to raise awareness, funds and extend help. I realized, here is this famous person, crashing through all the craziness around and doing what she can for everyone she could help. Looked her up and found “fannetastic fanneatics” pex page – and it all sprung from there.

I was supposed to attend the F2’s anniversary that September, but due to a crazy circumstance, I had to go back to the office and attend to one of the employees affected by Ondoy, and the crazy schedule followed suit and I was not active on PEX.

Fast forward to December 23rd of 2009, I came from a Christmas party for our adopted street children in Imus Diocese and went straight to Greenbelt for my annual December dinner with college friends. While en route to Greenbelt, I saw two people looking so alike and mall goers turning their heads and taking a third or fourth look – close to staring (okay some of them were actually staring), mouthing “Si Anne Curtis oh”. Then my visually challenged self within few feet away realized that it was her and her baby sister, Jasmine. Looking like shit (excuse the word) because I came from a whole day event, smelling like close to a street child, and of course since it seemed like a last minute shopping for them, I didn’t really bothered much. Just took a quick look and went my way. Besides, I was carrying the most unreliable camera for taking photo of you if there is an absence of someone else to take the picture.

That day can be considered an awakening for me. There she was so simple yet looking so classy and reminded myself I need to be active with the f2s again.

January 28th, 2010. Twitter shirt, MOA and first ever time that I finally met her along with few F2’s who visited her on set (thanks Ann Lim for this). I will not forget that day that seemed like it was long overdue. 

Last 15th of February, 2012. I saw smiles, laughter, tears, and sense of gratitude, proud moments and love. I would have captured it all in my camera, but was tied up. We celebrated Anne’s 27th that night. For everyone’s consumption she was born February 17, 1985 without a “Marie” attached to her name. Yes, I am reiterating this because I made a booboo in the AVP, I put February 15, 1985 – which is totally messed up haha (Sorry again for this Anne). That night was another realization that I did not make a mistake in admiring, supporting, idolizing, defending, loving Anne Curtis and having her back. All of us who were there at the party physically or in mind and in spirit felt that way. 

Seeing her very much touched of the AVP we have presented was a statement of how much she appreciates all her fans. May they be F2s or in other groups or followers on twitter. She never forgets to return the love back.

This is not really a post of what had happened back in the 15th. Pictures would show you snippets of them. But since I did not have much time to prepare my birthday gift for Anne, a blogpost would do (initially) for now.

She is my total entertainer and still holds the 8 titles for me (remember this post last year? The Sensational Anne Curtis).

Happy happy birthday, you are loved by many and I have nothing but kind, beautiful and proud words for you. Thank you for always spending your precious time with us no matter how busy you get, you never fail to make us feel appreciated, recognized, heard, seen and loved.

May all your dreams come true. 


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