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Fleeting Moments

fleeting moments....
we all have those very fleeting moments... just so happens that they come sooner for others....

"Say Anything" - Tristan Prettyman

(I do not own this)
This song topples all my favorite songs and mark itself in the top spot. It is exactly my soundtrack of what I am going through right now. Like what I have previously posted in my entries here.

"Say Anything" - Tristan Prettyman (credit to owner of the video)

"Say Anything"
by Tristan Prettyman

If I could say anything, anything
What would it be?
a good question for a distant reality
i would tell you that i love you
even when it didn't show
oh i would tell you that i love you baby,
by now i hope you know.

if you could go anywhere, anywhere
what would you see?
take a step in any direction,
it's make believe
if your mind is always moving
its hard to get your heart up off the ground
oh yeah, your mind was always moving
your thoughts never made a sound

we won't break if we let go
coz you and i already know
we were bound to be set free
eventually, so here we are now
you can say anything

if i could have it go any way, any way
it'd go like …

Run Forest Run

I can run like Forest Gump with these new pair of crafty shoes.

The Question I Ask Myself.....

The question I ask myself when I am in a state of finding out what is in store for me, which is most of the time.

Listen to Your Heart

This post will be different from the rest of my posts. Something that I can try mixing up.... 

"Listen to your heart, its gonna tell you what you need." - Tristan Prettyman.
I have had that line in my heart and mind for the past few days now.  Excerpt from her song "Say Anything".

Open Letter to Tristan Prettyman

credit: Metal Rockz Dear TP,
You don’t know me and I am pretty sure you would only know my existence (if ever) when you read this. But I am not banking much on that really as there are thousands of other people I battle with for a second of your time on twitter (I have hopes in my heart though). Anyway, here goes nothing.
I came across you and your music through a friend from San Diego sometime around 2005. As kids back then, we talked about music and other crazy stuff our age would discuss with other friends online. Seeing that we all live thousands of miles apart, them being in the US and I being here in the Philippines, messengers were the thing and not twitter nor facebook (though FB was already getting a little bit of attention). Sharing music was an integral part of our conversations, going through itunes purchasing them or just merely sending it through the messenger (but the shared song was paid for just to let you know haha). I fell in love with your artistry/musicality the mome…

It's One of Those Days Again......

28.  2 years shy of joining the others in their 30’s. Twenty-eight does seem like a long ass time but I don’t feel any close to being 28 even though my birth certificate says so. Right as this very moment, I, to be exact in years, months and days, am 28 years, 1 month and 26 days old. Although in the past years, months, weeks, days I hadn’t actually felt my age really. I did not act like I was in that age. In my mind, my body can always endure like that of how my 13 year old self could. I can run for a couple of kilometers only stopping because my rib cage hurt. But I can’t seem to do that anymore. Maybe its because of lack in training like I used to or maybe its just that my body has taken its toll.
Yes, some of you may argue that age is nothing but a number that being young is in the heart and mind. But these days, that does not seem to give me much grasp on reality really. As I sail through the days, of my 28th year of existence in this borrowed gift of life (bless the Lord for best…

June Marieezy: My New Favorite Soul (Indie) Girl

Music: June Marieezy (MySpace Stream/Soundcloud/Youtube)

Labor day was not actually a rest day for my sister and I. I was so set to make use of this day free from the concrete jungle day for music from the scorchy afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. That just actually happened because I was given a media pass (thank you When In Manila and Manila Music Festival and a plus one of course for my sister, Jen, who actually helped me take pictures of “me” haha. 

Manila Music Festival (I wrote an entry: and ) is the first ever music fest in Manila which turned out to be very exciting for all festival lovers out here in the Metro. I missed out on the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival for 2 years in a row due to the location an…