June Marieezy: My New Favorite Soul (Indie) Girl

Music: June Marieezy (MySpace Stream/Soundcloud/Youtube)

Labor day was not actually a rest day for my sister and I. I was so set to make use of this day free from the concrete jungle day for music from the scorchy afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. That just actually happened because I was given a media pass (thank you When In Manilahttp://www.wheninmanila.com and Manila Music Festivalhttp://www.manilamusicfestival.com) and a plus one of course for my sister, Jen, who actually helped me take pictures of “me” haha. 

Manila Music Festival (I wrote an entry:  http://wanderinganneskie.blogspot.com/2012/04/manila-music-festival-may-1-2012.html and http://www.wheninmanila.com/manila-music-festival-first-ever-music-festival-in-manila-happening-on-may-1-2012/ ) is the first ever music fest in Manila which turned out to be very exciting for all festival lovers out here in the Metro. I missed out on the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival for 2 years in a row due to the location and difficulty in getting people to join me as I have very limited number of friends who are into music fests or indie bands plus the schedule at work always messes up my game. So this time, with or without media pass I was dead set on going to this fest to be part of this momentous event in Manila.

I must warn you though this is not going to be entirely about the fest, I will have a separate post about it. As you can see its about one artist who caught my ears that day and eyes coz she was “water-gunning” people all over come late at night haha. Here are some pictures I took during her performance. As always, please do not steal my photos, I worked hard taking and editing them, you can share but please don’t take out my watermark. Thanks a bunch. Anyway, here we go:

Who is June Marieezy? June is a singer-songwriter from Dallas, Texas who is now residing in Manila, Philippines since 2008. Manila’s underground indie scene challenged her RNB style to a burst of genres from rock, soul, jazz, and experimental. Manila’s culture itself has a big impact on June’s writing influences while she falls in love with her country, learns how to cope with the dirty city, and alternatively sips on coconut juice on the surreal islands. Since 2008, she has been in an alternative rock band called Good Morning High Fives. But a girl from the South simply cannot be satisfied without her soul and hip hop roots. That is where she calls home to Deeper Manila.

That’s taken out from her website and manila music fest line up profile.

At first, I really was not too sure what to expect since it would be the first time I’ll be seeing her perform. I heard about her and saw her name but never really had the chance to listen to her songs. Boy was I dead wrong about it. Sorry for sleeping way too long in the sewers, June. I got out of it the second you sang! When it was her set, people started gathering near the main stage, this was an indication that the next performer would be worth the standing and losing the personal space a person dearly loves. Some random guy also started shouting, “I Love You”! I couldn’t blame him, what is there not to love about her as an artist? Besides she was easy on the eyes for a lot of the guys out in the field too. Then others started requesting songs, which I knew nothing about (yeah, you can kick me in the shins).

Her set was perfect. All performers were great but hers was my top favorite. It was my little perfect infinite moment that day. Great lyrics, great melody, great voice and great songs during the most perfect and my personal favorite time of the day, the sun setting. She sounded like a toned down Erykah Baduh while the sun was setting. Well that is just me. I will definitely get the EP soon as I get my weekend off. June Marieezy is definitely my new indie soul girl. I am a fan!

So guys, appreciate our own, to know more about her check these links out to give your ears a beautiful delight, they deserve it.


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